Update Wyze seems to have fixed the issue, ---> Wyze App version 2.48.0 is Broken, Issues with communication to Wyze server

Went from 2.47.0 to 2.48.0 and most cameras threw code 27, had to refresh several times before the cameras would behave and load in group view.

Once I got them working after App update they seem okay for now, will post update if I got Wyzed and they stop working again.

With Wyze you never know if an update is bad as their testing sucks and they’ll release it with bugs…

EDIT: WYZE SUCKS! V2.48.0 doesn’t load group view as well as 2.47.0 did, guess I will have to roll back to 2.47.0

Wyze programmer’s Suck

EDIT 2: Wyze is Craptacular

Well Wyze your Application v2.48.0 (379) Sucks as does your Alpha and Beta Testing.

Rolled back to v2.47.0 (373) and ALL the issues I encountered with v2.48.0 are GONE :rage:

Edit: APKPURE has the older versions of Wyze Apps for those wishing to roll back defective application versions

Other info, All cameras had the power cycled to see if that helped… Didn’t make a difference.

All cameras have current firmware

Affected V3, V3 pan, V2, and V1 pan

Others have mentioned issues with App 2.48 on this thread.

I am staying on 2.47 for now. Probably a good time to repost this link in case anyone is wanting an older APK file of the Wyze App.

My experience over several days (all v2s.)

If others are having issues why is it still available?

Edit: Sorry thought I was replying to mod

Found this interesting:

I have no experience with web portal performance but wonder if those with multiple cam models have found this extends to loading/streaming v2s in cam groups in the app.

Few cams streaming stuck in group viewing happened again in latest app The cam stuck in Loading Live Stream forever.The cam streamed ok when I clicked it. Group viewing became ok afterwards. I had to use previous rev

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And Nothing from Wyze Staff on this, as usual…

I am sorry that some users are having this issue, the reason the app is still available is the app is not the issue. We believe we have found the issue in a cloud process and are working on the fix now.


Can anyone having the issue of the offline v3/v3 Pro or the -27 error please power cycle your camera and let me know if there is a change?


Two days ago, I had one v3 that went OffLine. No error code just the OffLine Cloud icon. Power cycling did not help. I had to hit the Setup button and re-set it up. Been working fine ever since. My wife did have Christmas lights hanging very close, so she could have bumped something but I did check all connections before trying power cycling. This v3 is closest v3 to my access point (about 20 feet line of sight) all other v3 cameras were fine and they are on a different floor from the access point.

V3 firmware

IOS App version 2.47.0 (6). I used my iPad Pro to re-set up the problem v3.

I hope this info is helpful in troubleshooting.

Well 2.47.0 started connecting to cameras slower, So I updated to version 2.48.0 and it seems to be working okay now…

Thanks WyzeJasonJ and the rest of the Wyze engineers for getting this problem fixed!

I moved to App version 2.48 on both IOS and Android and everything is working well for me. My OffLine issue described in 3 posts above this one may have been related to the Cloud/server problem Wyze has since fixed.

I have noticed that the still image while camera is loading stream sometimes shows another cameras still until it actually starts…

A small bug, but bug none the less :poop: