Wyze App Version 2.38.1 on up is Garbage [Group Live View Broken] Had to uninstall and go back to 2.38.0 via APK-Pure

Well once again Whyze releases a defective application, Yes I know I should be used to this crap…

Version 2.38.1 has troubles with more than 10 cameras, my Outdoors Device group has 16 cameras and in the “Group” live view only the first 10 cameras work and the rest are stuck trying to connect.

You can click on the camera that is trying to connect and it links up, but in group view it is essentially useless, Thanks Again Wyze Arses for Quality Job None…

Ended up going back to Version 2.38.0 and what do you know the problem went away…

This is why I no longer recommend your products to anyone, unless they are a “Technology Nerd” as I am. The regular user would just be upset and not know what to do, Then probably just dump their Wyze products and move on as many have…

Quit releasing crap products that require updating the App and breaking camera operation, Why not fix your bug ridden firmware and software for once before releasing another wyze gadget?


Totally agreed. The latest iterations on iOS 2.38.3 and the not so Hot Fix 2.38.4 brought numerous usability and interface bugs, that rendered all my cameras useless.

To bring usability back and save my sanity I joined the Beta program that allowed me to roll back the app to the latest stable version 2.38.2. I also stayed on firmware as that is the latest stable version.

As of now, I refuse to update either firmware or app until Wyze releases better and stable versions.

Wyze called it a Hot Fix, more like Hot Mess :rofl:


Totally agree with you. The average person will never be able to do all the work necessary to keep these cameras working properly. I’m so sorry I bought several version 3 cameras for Xmas gifts for other people. I’m constantly being asked how to fix their non working cameras. It’s totally unacceptable that a company like Wyze is releasing the unbelievable amount of faulty firmware for the app and cameras. Not to mention all the outages they have. After many hours of work and installing test flight on all my devices and rolling back firmware my cameras are working but NONE of my Xmas gifts I gave are working properly and I will be dammed if I will install test flight on other people’s devices.
This is totally despicable what Wyze has done. I guess this is what we get for buying Chinese JUNK

So is Wyze going to fix the “Hot Mess fix” ?

Wyze really needs some quality programmers :bangbang:

What is test flight, was not able to find it in the Android App Store?

Looks like TestFlight is for IOS. Here are some alternatives for Android.

It’s all here:

Nope not me, I refuse to be a Beta tester as the publicly released software (App) is most time a real Beta test…

The Beta testers appear to be Alpha testers in reality as it is obvious that Wyze doesn’t really evaluate their own software before release to the so called “Beta Group”

Wyze needs to quit bringing out new gadgets and get their software actually working correctly with their Cams and All the other Wyze-Crap products BEFORE releasing more cheap Chinese Junk :bangbang:

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I don’t even consider myself a Public Release Tester.I try to wait on camera firmware and App versions until I read positive reviews on this forum.

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There is no commitment. You don’t have to report back to Wyze any bugs. I don’t. It just allows me to roll back to older versions so I can keep what’s left of my sanity intact :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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