v2/Pan Firmware RC II Test 7/8/2021


  • Wyze Cam v2: 4.9.7. 798

  • Wyze Cam Pan: 4.10.7. 798

Release Notes: (compared to 4.10.7. 787)

This update is only supported by Wyze App 2.22 RC and above versions.


  • Fixed a bug that caused consistent Error Code 90 when using the live stream


  • If you experience connection failures when accessing the live stream the first time after the firmware update, please fully close and reboot the app or refresh the device list before opening the live stream.

  • iOS will display “Firmware Update Failed“ after the firmware update even though the update succeeded.


• Firmware update experience

• Live streaming and Event viewing

• Overall camera performance and stability


Updated one Pan camera from .787 without issue. I do not want to attempt upgrading my other Pans or v2 though, because this fw (and the previous .787 RC test build) breaks compatibility with TinyCam – and the procedure to flash back to older fw (that works with TinyCam) via the SD card no longer appears to work.

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Updated the V2 Camera without issues. Will test.

Beginning updating 1 Pan, 5 v2s. 1 v2 failed to update…error 90.

Will try to update my other 2 pans and 3 V2s.

ma v2 a bien été mise à jour et ça marche :slight_smile:

I don’t have a PanCam, the V2 did just fine. Did you shut down your App, do a force stop and then start the app and see if it comes up.

Yes I do. Also unplugged this v2 without success. Cam offline.

Interesting. I updated from the Firmware update page, it took a bit of time, but did work. I have seen, in the past, where others have did the update through the device and had better success.

The « broken v2 » just came alive. Will continue with the rest of my cams.

8v2s and 3 pans updated. 1V2 and 2 pans with error90 but after ±5 minutes, all my cams are online again. :slightly_smiling_face:

These 2 last updates were not as « smooth » as the previous ones but everything is fine now.

That is what I do each times. I usually update 5-6 cams together. This time, 2 at a time. Less risky having to take out my ladder for my outdoor cameras.

Yea, I have never really got the mass update to work. So I do one at a time.

This is from last upgrade. Overnight I had all of the dead cameras come back online. Just the first pan cam I did that died didn’t come back. I am trying this one out now.

All of my cameras updated without any issues. I still have 2 that are down from the last update that are at a remote site - I will be fixing them this weekend.

Although they are showing offline, as long as they are plugged in, you can update the firmware and it should bring the camera live stream back.

I tried, believe me! It just always comes back with update failed. I did also try doing a restart on the cameras, and then running the update. Same result. I will keep trying and I will let you know if it does work.

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I’m continually getting error 68 on my pan cams. I’ve rebooted them dozens of times, removed memory cards, closed and cleaned my app (Android and IPadOS) to on avail. I sent in logs to support. Guess next step is to factory reset them… Stink!

What is your log number? I can take a look.

Thanks… It’s 246838

So, I don’t see your pan is updated to the .798. Are you saying that you updated your pan to .798 and then continuously getting error 68?


Could not connect to my V2 Garage Camera this morning. It worked when I did the install and now it just spins trying to connect.

Here is the log: 247292

I tried restarting it from the app with no luck. I will try restarting it by removing power soon.

Edit Doing a reboot by removing the power seems to have worked. A reset via the app did not.