Command Set for Alexa Thermostat Control

What is the command list that I can use for Alexa to control the Thermostat? Currently I can just get the sensor temperature. I would like to change the temp set point and override auto at times. It indicates it is not allowed because it is in Auto even when I yell at it.

So far here’s what I’ve got:

Can you turn up the temperature a bit?
(increases the heats to by 1 degree, I assume the opposite is true. Is temporary until the next scheduled block)

Increase/decrease the temperature by X degrees
(changes the set point. in my test it seems to change heats to when you say increase and cools to when you say decrease. Will automatically shift to maintain 5 degree separation)

Whats the temperature in X?
(reports the temp sensor)

Turn X off
(shuts down the system)

Set X to auto
(puts the thermostat back to auto mode)

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In addition to the commands listed by @vaaish, you can also say “set temperature to (temp)”

The issue I had with the thermostat responding to Alexa request was because I had the thermostat in Auto. This disables a number of commands and gets some unexpected results from others. In Auto it is controlling both heating and cooling so it reports both setpoints and will not respond to a request to go to a temperature. I have since set it to just heat mode and now the commands and responses from Alexa or Google are as expected.

The one that I would like to see is for when I travel to be able to request away mode and to stay in that mode until I return it to schedule. I have not found where to do that with voice or App commands easily and this hold away is something I used a lot on my old simple thermostat.

You can use increase/decrease temp by X to get around that limitation in auto.

In addition: “Alexa what is the humidity inside?”

See the thread which has additional commands. Wyze Thermostat Alexa Integration and Commands
Also if you have multiple thermostats you need to add the thermostat name in the commands.
IE. Alexa set “thermostat name” fan to auto.