Alexa Thermostat Control Modes

Is there a way to have Alexa switch modes in the thermostat, preferably with a routine? I can have her set a temp, either by voice or routine, but not a mode.

I was trying to see if I could have her change the mode when I turned “Guard” on.

Also, is there a way to set the temperature range by voice? I can say “make it warmer”, and she’ll adjust the range up by one degree. Or else I can set the temperature to a specific degree, but I don’t know if that sets the exact temperature or just adjusts the temperature range. In other words, if I say set the temperature to 72 does that set the temperature to 72, or does that set the temperature range to, let’s say, 69 to 74?

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I often use these commands if this helps…

Alexa turn ‘tstatname’ temperature up or down — goes up or down in increments of 2 degrees.

Alexa, set ‘tstatename’ to X — sets temp to whatever number I said for X.

My two ‘tstatnames’ are Upstairs and Downstairs

Presumably I could set up an Alexa routine that executes a specific temperature for example if I said: Alexa it’s cold Upstairs.

Little trial and error may be worth your time.

Thanks for the reply. But i thought I pretty much stated I do both of those already (I made a mistake in that "make it warmer"adjusts the range by two degrees, not one).

By mode, I mean home, away, sleep.

I already have a routine that raises the temperature to a specific degree, and for a specific amount of time, when I say “I’m taking a shower”.

Similar question… when I say “Alexa, goodnight,” all my lights turn off and I want the routine to also set my Wyze thermostat to sleep. Please add support for this!