Thermostat Schedule Deletion & State Automation Workaround RFI

I know it is a novel, but anything helpful would be appreciated.

Looking for feedback from other Thermostat users before I run a topic up the #wishlist flagpole. My search skills are not the best, so there may already be something out there.

Here is my situation: When I installed the Thermostat, I set the State Preference Temps and then set the schedules to reflect my general work\home schedule. Then, after I made some home improvements, I modified my preference temps because they were a bit out of range with what I needed. Then I had to modify all of my originally set schedules because they did not update with the new preference temps. (Already on the wishlist)

Now I find that the schedule times are not meeting my need. My work schedule has disintegrated into disorganized chaos so I am no longer able to predict my return time home. I found that I am heating or cooling for hours when no one is home based on the set schedule in unpredictable times. So, I want to get away from the schedule completely and instead rely on Alexa voice command automation. (GPS Geofencing rules and routines are not a viable option for several reasons)

To do this, I have programmed the only Wyze Thermostat Action within Alexa, the “Set Temp” command, into my 4 primary Alexa automation routines that already have a host of other routine action commands and tasks within their structure: Wake, Leave, Home, and Sleep. When the Alexa routine is run, the Thermostat theoretically changes to the temp set by Alexa. Since these are Alexa voice commands, the AC or heat only runs when I am physically there.

Here are the two problems I am running into:

1> I used to run my HVAC in Auto mode so that it switched from AC to Heat automatically. However, when using the Alexa Action to Set Temp, Alexa ONLY sets the “Heat To” temp, not the “Cool To temp”. So, when I ran the routine, it would set the Heat To temp to what I was wanting for the Cool To temp. No bueno.

In Alexa, I have found no way, while the Thermostat is in Auto Mode, to set the Cool To temp. (hint to Wyze…more/better Alexa Actions) If, however, I manually change to Cool mode, the Alexa command to Set Temp works perfectly.

UPDATE EDIT: The Alexa command to change set temps while in Auto mode IS available, just NOT as a pre-loaded action command to select when using the Thermostat to build a routine. It would have to be entered as a custom command. @spamoni4 posted the Alexa Thermostat Command List and a link to the source document. Thanks!

2> The Thermostat cannot exist without the critical life support of a schedule (why?). I have found no way of completely being free of the limitations of being tied to a Thermostat schedule. It is impossible to delete the last schedule in the list, there always has to be one. And, that schedule must have at least one State mode, one set point specified, and one time specified. And, it must operate 7 days a week. No matter what I do I cannot get away from the Thermostat resetting the State Mode to the specified temp at least once a day. I have resorted to setting that schedule to my Alexa automated sleep temp in the middle of the night so that it wont change the temp. However, in doing so, mainly because Wyze has yet to find the motivation to add Thermostat State Modes to the Alexa actions, my thermostat stays in sleep mode 100% of the time and only the set temp changes.

UPDATE EDIT: @R.Good solved this one for me here. I was trying to delete blocks from a schedule, not deleting the schedule itself. :man_facepalming: Thanks!

Automation Workaround Question: Is the Wyze plug currently supported as an Action (on/off) device in Alexa routines? I ask this because the Knowledge Base Article states that Wyze Sense Sensors On/Off are supported as actions when clearly they are not nor are any of the cams. My thought was to buy 3 Wyze plugs (I currently don’t have any) to use as the Alexa acton devices in my routines and then build rules in my Wyze app using the plugs on/off state as a triggers for it to change the thermostat State Mode;

  • Alexa Wake = Plug 1 On (#2 & #3 Off) — Wyze Routine Plug 1 On = Thermostat to Home Mode
  • Alexa Leave = Plug 2 On (#1 & #3 Off) — Wyze Routine Plug 2 On = Thermostat to Away Mode
  • Alexa Home = Plug 1 On :point_up:
  • Alexa Sleep = Plug 3 On (#1 & #2 Off) — Wyze Routine Plug 3 On = Thermostat to Sleep Mode

This would allow me to return the Thermostat to Auto and not have to worry about Alexa manually changing the wrong temp set point.

If you have reached this point in reading, Thank you!


Curious, can you just set one schedule: HOME and then you control it via Alexa.

Yes, that is what I have to do now. But again, I still have to keep the Thermostat out of Auto and locked into heat or cool and I have to set a minimum of one time per day and a Mode State (sleep) for the schedule.

When I am away, I want it to stay in away until I tell it otherwise, not change modes on a schedule.

I realize I can do this by by manually placing it in hold until I manually release it, but I installed it for the voice assistant automation and that is just not there.

A secondary side effect is that my remote sensor also now has to be included or Excluded 100% of the time as there is no state mode change.

Interesting. I am going to play with this later today to see what I may be able to come up with. Did not realize a schedule was required.

Update Post: I was able to use the plugs with Alexa to change the Thermostat Home/Away/Sleep state.

Posted it in the Tips & Tricks:

So @R.Good solved the schedule deletion dilemma I was having. For some reason it wouldn’t let me delete that last schedule line. I think I was trying to delete schedule blocks within a schedule rather than delete the whole schedule and that is why it wouldn’t let me, because the schedule needs to have at least one block. :man_facepalming:



Thats great news. I will need to read how. :slight_smile:

Ok, just read the post fully. Seriously, swipe left to delete. That is a standard on Mobile devices, why did I not think of that. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

BTW: R.Good is correct, that was some high level thinking on your part. :+1: