Thermostat Schedule or Temp Peferences - Which wins?

The temperature schedule and preferences is very confusing. Do the schedule temps have to match what I have in my temp preferences? Since I have the ability to set different temps in the schedule settings, I would expect that the thermostat follows those settings. However it seems that the thermostat follows the temp preferences instead. If so, what’s the use of being able to set different temps in the schedule settings? I haven’t found any documentation that states which takes precedence.

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When you create a new schedule, the schedule starts out with the temperatures you entered in the temperature preferences.

But the heating and cooling is dependent on what final values end up in the schedule.


I agree, this behavior is annoying. It would be great if the schedule allowed NOT overriding the preference, I think that would be more intuitive. You could allow overriding as an option, not the default.

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Setting time and temperature is a very simple function. The suggested answer is a shame, it proves that the developer is ignorant.

What does “starts out” even mean? This is just silly effort to connect confusing and contradictory words together to pretend that they do make sense. But they don’t.

I don’t like smart device developers to be too smart a$$ on such straight forward control function. How the hell would Wyze know if I’m in which of the so called “Home” “Away” “Sleep” states, through watching my cameras??

Remove “Home” “Away” “Sleep” states from the scheduling section immediately.

In the context of “When you create a new schedule, the schedule starts out with the temperatures you entered in the temperature preferences.” it means when you create a new schedule, the app copies what is in the temperature preferences. You can then adjust those as desired to fit your schedule.

  • You can schedule Home. Away, and Sleep, at which time it blindly believes you are these things according to the schedule you set.
  • You can also have it automatically change the status based on your phone’s GPS location (you have to give the app permission for that).
  • Finally, you can manually set it to Away, after which it will automatically set it back to Home if it sees someone pass by the thermostat (it has a motion sensor built in).

The thermostat does not watch cameras for activity.