Temperature Preferences offers to update scheduled temperatures as well

Currently, when the global temperature preferences are updated on the thermostat app, it does not update the temperatures in the schedule. It would be nice if there was a checkbox option where upon saving the global temperatures that would also update the scheduled temperatures.

I was about to suggest that after having to go in the Schedule and change the temperature manually for each block! :smiley:
This change would be a great quality of life for the UX.


So here we are a year later and no more than 4 votes. Guess we will have to keep posting ourselves to keep it high on the recents list and get more support.

I just found this out today… :cry:

I set my preferences, and my schedules, last fall going into winter. Now with hotter weather, it kept feeling a bit stuffy each day my Home schedule came on after the Away state. So, I lowered my Home Cool To preference by 2°.

But, to my surprise, my T-stat did not react. My home temp and the T-stat set point stayed 2° higher. Huh??

It took some heavy clicking around to realize that the Schedules, having been set from the previous State Temp Preferences (Home\Away\Sleep), held that old temp preference setting and DO NOT change if the State Temp Preferences are changed. What the?

Even when I manually changed the State to Away then back to Home, the old schedule temp (2° higher) still overrode the new State Temp Preferences.

I had to go thru all my schedules and change them as well! Very messy! Far to clickey!

Now I realize that you can Override the original preference set time block temp setting from within the schedule for that state time block, but I never did this before. And, what is the point of this if the schedule overrides the State Temp Preference in the first place? All my schedules were set using the State Temp Preferences. Little did I know that this locks in that temp for the schedule and overrides the State Temp Preferences.

So the way it is currently designed is that ALL schedules override the preference temps after the schedule is set regardless of the Temp Preference settings changes in the future. If you have 24\7 schedules set, Temp Preferences are useless. The old schedule always overrides even after you change the State Temp Preferences.

State Temp Preferences should be the priority when no override is set within the schedule state time blocks. (It almost seems like this is a #bug and not a design feature wishlist request).

The schedule time block temps should reflect the temps from the CURRENT State Temp Preferences and override the State Temp Preference ONLY when manually changed\overridden from within that schedule state time block. (Why else would there be an override feature in the time blocks if all schedules are already set to override?)

When the temp IS overridden from within the schedule state time block, that override temp should be displayed in the schedule as a different color. Blue for the cool schedule temp that was overridden, red for the heat temp that was overridden, and black if the schedule block temp has not been overridden and is set to react to the CURRENT State Preference Temp priority.

If any of this sounds cornfusing, I understand. My mind sometimes works like that. If I missed a critical problem this causes, please let me know. Thx!