Thermostat - schedule not working

I’ve had the thermostat for a week and have been very frustrated with the scheduling. It just seems super buggy - sometimes it doesn’t come on at the expected time. Sometimes it comes on but at a different temperature than expected. Rarely it behaves as expected.

Anyone else have this issue? Is this just a bug we have to wait for them to resolve or is it something wrong with my setup?

I reached out to support, but just got a copied and pasted response that had nothing to do with my question and no further follow up.

Welcome! Few schedule use tips…

  • if you want to have multiple temp levels/set points during the day while at home, create separate “Home” blocks in schedule. Each block can have different temps.

  • Use “Away” only if you’ll actually be gone from home before is starts or with geo fence feature. Away mode is overridden by motion in front of tstat and goes to Home default temp until it hits next block-doesn’t go back to Away. Can’t turn off motion resetting to Home temp. Lot of people hate this so just use Away when you’re actually away.

  • if you use Sleep block, it does ignore motion in front of tstat so it works as expected.

  • the schedule temperature settings use the default Home, Away, Sleep profiles when you create a block, but you can override and tune the temp in each schedule block. Schedule overrides default temps, except when Away mode gets kicked off by motion and uses the default Home temp.

Clear as mud, eh? As you start getting used to what override what, it gets easier and makes more sense. Good luck!

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