Change in Schedule From App Not Being Updated In Thermostat Device

I’ve noticed that when I first created Thermostat schedules in the app, it didn’t update immediately in both, the wall device and the app. I thought there was more I needed to do so I ended up changing temp ranges in Preferred Temperatures also and all over the place I was able to enter a temp range and eventually I saw the change to update in both, device and app. I don’t remember how long it took for the change to appear but it was more than 2 hours.

Last weekend I changed range temperatures in the schedule but I still don’t see the change happening neither in wall device or in the app.

I have set to:

  • Auto
  • I have only Home and Sleep schedules for M-F, and similar Home and Sleep for the weekend (Saturday & Sunday).

This sounds like a bug to me but is there anything else needed to be done in order to change the temperature range in a schedule and see this change happening immediately in both, device and app?

I would like to better understand this potential bug. What do you mean by “not happening in the app”? I assume you changed the temperature you want in the “Schedule” for some days and clicked 'Save". The new temperature setting should appear immediately in the app, isn’t it? If the current temperature happens to be in between “cooling and heating range in Auto”, it will not be noticeable in the device. I may have totally wrong guessing, but details will help us to debug.
Thank you.

All this is in the app. Handling and setting all this in the device is cumbersome, the UI is not that good nor versatile (it’s like MS-Windows, sorry but just not right).

And you got it right, app is not showing what’s set in Schedule immediately.
Yes, I understand AC could not turn ON immediately but that’s not what is this about.

I’ll define some terms before continuing as explaining could be easier…
When in Auto (most of the time I have it in Auto) and you change the temperature range, the device takes the set temperatures from these, in this order (temps in Celsius):

  1. Welcome screen
  2. Temperature Preferences (my settings are 19.5 to 22.5 –don’t care about SLEEP, and AWAY, I don’t have schedule for those)
  3. Schedule (my settings are 20.5 to 23.5 @6am, and 20 to 23 @8:30am –both HOME)

This is my conclusion:
As I’m learning through trial-and-error –thank you for the no manual! :angry: – I noticed that when I change the temperature range in Schedule, it doesn’t immediately change in the Welcome screen –or in the AC–, that change will take effect until the next State .

This is how I got to that conclusion:
I only have 2 states, HOME (6am), and HOME (8:30am). I don’t like the Away or Sleep as they might have the logic in your head not mine.

So lets say I change the range at noon –let’s call this, the new temp , and the previous one the bad temp , so we can distinguish them easily when describing the issue– the new temp is not shown in Welcome screen, it remains with the bad temp.

At some point the AC gets to the bad temp so it stops, turns OFF the AC. If I check in the app what’s the status of the thermostat, the Welcome will show the range of temperature set in Temperature Preferences! (what?!, whatever happened to my new temp from Schedule).

The next day, I checked the Welcome screen in the app and lo and behold I saw that it displayed the new temp . From that moment on, temperature ranges were showing correctly –and AC working at those ranges too.

I understand that HOLDING should override anything that’s set in Schedule, and Temperature Preferences; that’s how this works and that’s expected and that’s perfectly fine.
I also understand that if I override the temperature ranges in the Welcome screen, that should command the thermostat until the next schedule. Or am I wrong? (where’s the manual?!). But I was expecting that by changing temperatures in the Schedule the change would be immediate and would rule over whatever was in Welcome screen given is not on HOLD.