Cloud storagee

How do i view my cloud storage video’s?

Open the app, on the bottom, you will see a tab titled “Events” in between “Home” and “Monitoring”…click on “Events.” Everything you see in there is about cloud videos. You can select the date of the videos you want to view, you can scroll down to different times. You filter the videos that up for just certain cameras or many options depending on what option you have on the phone (thumbnails, cam plus lite, cam plus, etc).

All of those videos are stored on the cloud. You can download them to your phone or share them through other apps (like tell it to send the video to Google Photos so it saves a copy there for you, or send it in a text message, or through a social media app, etc).

Hope that helps.


Yes, we get this, the download or share closes or crashes the app every time.