Videos reviews in cloud

I have two questions,
1- How I can set to save the record of videos in the cloud?
2- How I can review the videos uploaded on the cloud?

thanks in advance for your help.

If you have a sd chip that the camera cloud. You can view it in the app and record.

Tiny cam app. I think you can put it on google cloud.

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If you have the camera set to record motion, then the cloud videos will be viewed by clicking “Events” in the Wyze app.
For your other question on how to save them, While viewing an event in the cloud, if you tap the video an icon should appear on the video that looks like a down facing arrow in an open box. Just click that to download the video. It will be saved in your devices photos for IOS and I think camera roll for Android.

Thank you I’ll check :smiley:

Thank you