Cloud playback freezing/slowmo?

My cloud playback for one of my cameras keeps doing slowmo.

Troubleshooting done:
-SD format

Of course the video upload is fine. This seems to be an issue with Wyze servers.

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No issues with my other cameras playback but this one camera

I personally don’t see any slow motion in the linked video. All I see is a guy walking on the sidewalk. Was he running in real time?

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See previous reply.

Here is an example

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I see it now. It looks like the video is stuttering. I’ve had this issue with three cameras, as a matter of fact, I still have it. In my case and I’m not saying this is your case, it is my internal network issue. The three cameras in question are at a remote location with a piss poor internet speeds and cheap modem/router supplied by ISP. They constantly stutter. The other cameras at home on a robust internet connection and a solid router have no issues.

Try and moving the camera closer to the router. Also, what worked for me is to have all my cameras on static IP addresses vi IP isolation in router as well as changing the 2.4 channel to 6 in router.

Hope this helps.

I don’t think this has anything to do with my network. The videos are already uploaded to the cloud and every other video from all the other cameras play just fine.

They are also all on 2.4ghz and I have fiber internet.

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I also have a mesh which covers every single floor and room so signal is not an issue.

This tells me that there is a network issue. I doubt that Wyze servers will single one camera out of how many you have. If it is a server issue all your cameras will suffer.

Have you switched to non overlapping channel such as 1, 6 or 11? Who knows, maybe your neighbourhood just added another slew of wireless devices that are clogging whatever channel you are using. Worth a try, it takes a second to change the channel and another ten to reboot the router.

Also, you might have a lemon of a camera. Stranger things have happened :slight_smile:

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Doubt it’s the network. It would buffer on every single cloud playback if this was the case and not singling out a single camera. If I download the clip it shows just fine so it could be a bug within the Wyze app itself.

Ok so I removed the camera from my Wyze app and readded it and it no longer does the playback issue. Weird.

But why only on one camera? That doesn’t make sense. If it’s the app or server it will show on all your cameras. :thinking:

When was the last time you power cycled the camera? Just like everything electronic, cameras need to be power cycled once in a while to clear memory leaks and so on. I power cycle my cameras once a week and sometimes more frequently via smart plugs. It has helped me tremendously to keep whatever hair I have left intact :rofl:

I powercycle them once a week and I did it before I started the thread hehe. Thanks for your help though I completely removed it from the app and readded it which fixed the cloud playback for whatever reason.

Gremlins :rofl:

Friendly advise, change the channel to 6, it did wonders for me :slight_smile:

Both of my V3 cams have been stuttering since January. The stuttering video is from the cloud. If I record a live event and playback on my android phone it is not stuttering. Wyze has this issue on their list of “in progress” to fix. Still patiently waiting for fix.

If you remove and re-add the camera to the app it’ll fix it. I’m not sure if it’s permanent though.