Wyze cam plus play back terrible

Recently yesterday singed up for wyze cam plus on one of my camera’s. Now that I have the service I’m so far not impressed. None of the videos play back smooth and they stop about 5 seconds in, long pause and then jerk and jump around. I have a 1 gigabit fiber line, on mesh wifi at the house. I have tested from work and from my Verizon 5g connection. Play back is the same regardless of the connection I use. Live feed is very smooth. Wyze cam v3. Please advise. Thanks

Are you talking about playback from the SD card in the camera or playback of cloud events? This is a short cloud event from a cam plus recording.

There are many reports of this phenomenon, which is not being experienced by everyone.

One setting you can try since you use Android, is to turn on the Hardware Decoder in the App Settings.

Here are threads discussing this:


The topic is about cam plus play back not SD card play back. There seems to be a issue with the way the cloud is working. I’ll need to stop the trial if not working as expected soon. Thanks

I have three V3 cams on cam plus and I have been lucky I guess because all my cam plus play back cloud videos do not have the issues of stopping, freezing or skipping. I am also still using the firmware. My network is a simple Motorola MG 8702 cable modem/AC 3200 router, Wi-Fi signal to all of the V3 cams is 3 bars. Hope you find a fix.

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Just to check if it was an android issue I had my wife who is iphone user check and similar behavior on her iphone.

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I’m using iOS on iPhone and iPad.

As a test I moved CAM Plus to a different camera. Makes no difference. All cameras have same issue of not playing completely, Stopping, skipping, jerking, jumping around the frames.

I also notice that after you upgrade to cam plus there does not seem to be any obvious option to put camera back on to cam lite.

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The only option to change back to cam plus lite is to remove cam plus from the cameras, go back to your account on the WYZE Web site and add the cameras to CP Lite.

I am able to remove my cams from the Cam Plus subscription (unassign) by unchecking them in the “Add Camera” UI and then assign them to Cam Plus Lite from within the Android app. Only unassigned cams can be assigned to Cam Plus Lite.

However, there is no way to unassign a cam from Cam Plus Lite. The only easy way to get a cam off of Cam Plus Lite is to assign it back to Cam Plus. Even if it is on Cam Plus Lite, it will still show as available to assign in Cam Plus.

I guess I’m not clear on what you mean. I went into the Wyze website and it says I am already singed up for cam lite. From the android app I do not see any option for cam lite. is this under accounts? or some other place? Thanks

You should see it in Account → Services where you see Cam Plus.