Cam plus on my new camera

I set up my new Wyze 3 OG and added it to my existing cam plus acct. All went well they refunded the difference and I paid for 2 cameras to have cam plus.

So I’m not understanding why I can’t do playbacks on my new Wyze and only on my original Wyze as always.

Neither camera has an sd card installed but I can view playbacks on my original camera.

What was the point of paying $39.99 plus tax to get both cameras on cam plus if you can’t do playbacks on both cameras. (Not meaning at the same time).

What’s the deal, does cam plus only do playbacks on one camera? Even tho I have plus on both? Both cameras are showing up as having cam plus. Why does it say single camera

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The Playback button that you press when viewing a Cloud Saved Event Video from the Events Tab requires installation of an SD Card. Playback is the playing of SD Card Video.

If it is working on one cam, that cam has an SD Card in it.

SD Card Video Playback is not limited by the subscription. It is full feature on all cams.

Ignore that is says single cam. They simply added a cam to your previous single cam subscription. If both are shown, both are on Cam Plus.

I am a Wyze user, just like you, trying to help you. I don’t work for Wyze. I volunteer here in the forum to assist other users.

You are correct, I am confused about what you wrote. Because the terminology you are using is what is causing the confusion. “Playback” or “Playback Video” is a term Wyze uses for SD Card Video only, not uploaded cloud video.

“Events” or “Event Video” is the term used for Wyze Cloud uploaded video which is shown as individual video clips in the Recent Events or the Events tab for the Wyze Cam OG.

Without an SD Card in either of the the cams you previously posted which were removed due to language, you cannot access SD Card “Playback”.

In the OG Cam, that SD Card Playback is accessed by (1) clicking the SD Card button in the Live Stream toolbar above where Recent Events is shown; or (2) clicking the SD Card Icon labeled “Playback” while viewing an Event video from the Events tab. Without an SD Card, clicking either of these buttons will result in a message stating no SD Card is installed.

On the OG Cam with the Cam Plus Subscription you have, the “Recent Events” that show as video clips at the bottom of the Live View screen are a short list of Events that have been uploaded to the Wyze Cloud Server and are being streamed back down to your phone when you view them. The full list of Events Videos from that cam for the past 14 day history that is saved on the Wyze Cloud Server can be accessed from the Events Tab. Again, when you watch these Event Video clips, you are streaming them from the Wyze Cloud Server back down to your phone.

The only time you should see an SD Card not Inserted error is if you try to click on the SD Card icons shown above.

You are not required to have an SD Card installed. The cam will operate on Cam Plus and save all Event video to the cloud for you to view in Recent Events or the Events tab without an SD Card.

Uploaded Wyze Cloud Event Videos and SD Card Playback Videos are two separate and independent video recordings that are accessed in seperate ways. I recommend all cams have High Capacity High Endurance SD Cards installed recording Continuously if for nothing else but security video backup in case video Event uploads are interrupted due to an internet outage.

If, however, you are getting an SD Card not Inserted error when you are clicking a Recent Event or an Event video clip, that isn’t supposed to be happening and you may need to upgrade your firmware or app or reset your connection to the server.

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Can you confirm what you see on your old camera’s settings?

Settings > Advanced Settings > Manage MicroSD Card

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Yes and the camera must be set for Continuous recording to the card. There has never been the ability to view what was Continuously recorded 24/7 without an SD card. There are cloud recorded events of various lengths saved for 14 days on the WYZE cloud server that are available for viewing via the events page with Cam Plus but not a continuous playback off an entire day. You can set the camera to record just events to the SD card instead of continuous but you might miss the start and finish depending if the camera can detect whatever set it off like motion.

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The Clips that it saves to the Events tab are uploaded video clips to your account on the server. These cannot be continuous. They never have been continuous. They are all activated by motion and ended by the lack of motion. When you watch them, they are being streamed to your app to view them, but not saved on your phone. You can access them any time you want, but they are not being recorded and uploaded 24/7, only when there is motion.

Those Event Videos are saved on your account and accessible for 14 days before they are automatically deleted from the server.

You can Live Stream any cam 24/7 if you want. You can also view your uploaded Event Video clips any time you want, but neither is providing you with a Continuous 24/7 recorded historical history. As @Antonius indicated, the only way to store a Continuous 24/7 video history is with an SD Card installed and set to Continuous recording.

The uploaded Event Video clips found in the Events tab and the SD Card recorded video are seperate and independent recordings stored in two different places, operated by two different settings.

The total length of your Continuous SD Card recording will depend on the size of the card and the quality of your video. I record continuous to 256GB High Endurance SD Cards in HD quality and get anywhere from 21 to 30 days depending on the cam and the IRNV conditions.

I’m an idiot how do I delete my whole post?

Actually, there is no need. And you aren’t an idiot. You are asking the right questions in the right place to gain knowledge about your cams and what they can do. There are others who will have the same questions and be able to benefit from you asking them from the responses provided. You can go back and reverse the deletion on those you already deleted. No judgement here.

Keep coming back and asking questions. One of my previous mentors always told me the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.