Confused in replay recordings

I am really confused with Cam+ options. The integration went from 2019 that I used to see my recordings of motions if I chose to have a sim, to following many confusing options: 1 have a cam+ option and you get 2 cameras as bonus, then moved to: 2- no, you cant have 2 cameras bonus, so cam+ works on one camera only. And then moved to 3- now ypu cant chose at all to have recordings be saved on your internal camera cards at all and you must have a Cam+ option for each and every camera to see recorded motions. Am i wrong? I have internal memory cards on everyone of my 5 cameras except the door bell . I cant see any recordings, except door bell because it has Cam+ option

The event page on the wyze app only shows cloud recordings. Your SD recordings can be seen by using the view playback button while watching a cloud event or in the live view. There has been no change with accessing your SD recordings.

Cam+ affects the cloud recordings (event page) only. You must have a subscription to cam+ to see video. There is a free (choose your price) option for the cloud event videos.


Here is a link to Cam Plus Lite Name Your Own Price if you are interested.


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The card that inserts into the cam is not a SIM, it is a microSD Card. They look similar, but a SIM is used for mobile phones to authenticate onto a Mobile Network.

The ability to see your microSD Card recordings has not changed. It is still available by selecting the View Playback bar in the Live Stream, or the Playback SD Card icon in the Events Viewer.

Cam Plus is a per camera license. In the past, Wyze has offered a multi cam bundle. It is possible to have multiple cams (2 or 3… Or more… 5 or 10) under a single subscription. These Bundle Pack promotional subscriptions are limited to the number of cams in the purchased bundle. It is also possible to add cams to existing subscriptions that aren’t limited by a promotional bundle quantity.

This is true for cloud uploaded Event Videos. Event Video is only offered with Cam Plus Lite (12 seconds each), and Cam Plus (up to 5 minutes). Those are the ones that show in the Events listing. Without a subscription, all uploaded Events are just thumbnail snapshot images and are subject to a 5 minute cooldown between uploads

This is not true for “Events Only” or “Continuous” video recorded to the microSD Card that is accessible thru Playback. Recording to the microSD card is unrestricted by the subscription and has settings in the Advanced Menu of the cam. In fact, you don’t have to have any uploaded cloud Events at all to record to the microSD card. But, only the uploaded cloud Events will send you notifications.

Note - there are differences in microSD recording with Cam Plus on a Wyze Cam Outdoor.

There are two ways to see your microSD Recordings. (1) Open the cam to Live Stream and then click on the “View Playback” bar at the bottom. This will load your microSD recorded video.

(2) when you get a notification of a Motion Event and open the Event, or if you select an Event from the list in the Events page to view it (make sure there are no filters set so you can see all of them), press the “Playback” microSD Card icon in the lower part of the window.

Note also that each cam has its own particular capabilities and settings menus as it pertains to recording Cloud Events video and SD Card Playback video. Some cams are also not compatible with Cam Plus Lite.

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