Changing the outdoor cam from wired to wireless

How to change the outdoor cam from wired to wireless

If you click on your base station and open the “Device Info” menu, go down to “Change Connection”. If it’s plugged into your router, it will say “Ethernet”. Click this and follow the instructions and it will eventually ask you to unplug your ethernet cable. Once complete, your base station will switch to WiFi and you can move it anywhere in your house provided it’s in range of the router.

This is what I see in the “Device Info” area

@SpecialEddie said to click on your Base station, not your Outdoor Camera:


Thanks for sharing the screenshot, I should have done that to begin with.

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Hi SpecialEddie,

I finally was able to make my outdoor cam work.

I have two outdoor cams and I was trying to connect each one to their own base station.

The only way I made it work was to connect each one to the same base station (strange).

Thank you for taking the time to help me.

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I have attempted to switch to wireless with the steps mentioned above, however my base station does not switch over to wireless. Just does not switch over. I have a strong mesh wireless system in the house. Any other recommendations. I have the outdoor camera mounted outside but can only get one reception bar when connected to base station connected to the router. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi b777plt,

Unfortunately I don’t have any more ideas other than the ones you have tried. I’ll keep monitoring the forum and if anything new comes up I’ll let you know.

Did you follow the on-screen instructions to the letter when trying to switch it to wireless?

I did and the first one worked from the start. I set up my second one using the same procedure using its own base and it didn’t work until I added it to the first ones base. Recently my direct wired cams have been acting up but after unplugging them they work.

Maybe someone else can follow up with more info on this but I’m not sure if you can pair an outdoor cam to another base after it’s been paired with one already. Maybe you have to remove the cam from it’s current base before trying to add it to another.

1 camera only,need to delete it from the old hub and then you can add it to the new hub

Yes ; followed the directions time and time again. Same result would not switch over to wireless.

There’s 2 ways 2 add cameras to the base/hub,we use the 2 button way much faster

And that would be?

I told on the other txt.push the button on the hub/base the light will flash,then press and hold the setup on the camera,when you here talk let go,then repeat for the next cam that’s how our technicians set up the outdoor cameras much faster

The last did not come through. I will give this a try, as soon as I can get to the camera through the snow. Thank you for the advice
hope it works. Have a good new year.

Copy no problem

@b777plt did you ever figure this issue out?

Also, just to recap a little, from what I understand you have a base station that will not connect wirelessly to your home WIFI, is that correct? I am trying to find the best place in the WYZE forum to add my issue/solution for the same or similar problem.

For the longest time, I have not been able to simply disconnect my ethernet cable (after configuring my wireless settings of course) and make it connect to my home wireless SSID.

I believe there is an input validation issue with either the SSID or password used for my network. After fighting the issue and replacing devices, I decided to change my home network. On my device I am able to create additional SSIDs. I created an additional SSID and password stripping out any specials characters that would cause potential failures. Presto… my wireless base station connected without issue. I determined that the password was the issue. I provided all the details to support but I have not seen an update for it. Of course thats if I was correct on the issue though.

Worth a shot if the issue is similar.

I just checked 1 of mine and it’s still on wifi,must be plugged into your router/switch then from there you put in your wifi system and password,then unplug it from your device and put it somewhere else