Outdoor Camera Base Reset

So I changed my network name when I overhauled it and not I cannot get the base for the outdoor cameras to reset so that I can set it up on a new network. I have tried the reset button on the side and it doesn’t seem like it does anything. Has anyone been able to move their base to another network?

I’ve never moved one but maybe you can delete it from the app then add it back on. My base is connected via ethernet. I just removed my original base yesterday and set up another one that I got from WYZE. I did add new base on the app, plugged into power and ethernet and set it up in a few min.

I have tried removing it from the app but the base itself will not go into pairing mode. However, I did not think about hardwiring it. That might be enough to at least get it to work.

It has to be connected via ethernet to set it up then you can change to wi-fi