Outdoor base not connecting to wifi

Last week I updated the phone app and ever since then my outdoor base will not connect to wifi. Will connect with Ethernet but seems like it won’t save wifi name and password in the app. As soon as I unplug it disconnects. Long time user so have been able to connect these in the past.

So I went out and bought a new outdoor camera and base yesterday and same issue. Connects on hard wire but won’t connect to wifi. Last time I had a recording was the morning before I updated phone app

Yes firmware is up to date.

Is a new phone app update coming?

I’ve never used the Base on Wi-Fi. Have you tried to do it will Cell Data turned off on your phone to see if it connects ?

I can try with data turned off on my phone but I ran the base on wifi for at least 2 years no issues up until last week.

When I plug into Ethernet it connect to my internet but it will not save wifi name and password on app. When I unplug the Ethernet then it disconnects from wifi. Everything was fine until I updated the app on my phone last week.

Jason Rex

I turned off data on my phone and just had on wifi but still can not connect the base. The problem is it won’t save wifi name and password although I have 3 other Wyze cameras in the house running fine.

I am going to delete the app and try reinstalling and see if that helps.

Deleting app didn’t help. As of now my choices are keeping it connected to Ethernet or buy a different brand of camera.

There must be another user here using the iOS app and has their base connected via Wi-Fi? If I have time later and it’s not raining maybe I will try it out. My base has been connected via ethernet since 4 Nov.2020. Any special reason you need to use the base on Wi-Fi ??

My router is not centrally located to the cameras location so I put the base where it is between the cameras. Also I can put the base out of sight when on wifi. I mean what do you buy today that doesn’t hook up to wifi?

Thanks for trying. I did order an Ethernet switch so if I am forced to hard wire I can do it in the short term. With 5 cameras I prefer to not switch companies.

I have the exact same issue, but with a brand new outdoor V2 I just set up tonight. I got everything base & camera set up and working. Then moved the base closer to a location where the camera will be placed outside. When I go to switch to wifi, it goes fine to the select network screen and seems to save. But when I look at settings, it shows “Not Set”.

So I reconnected to LAN and got everything reconnected, thinking I needed to make the switch while it was connected to the router. I am going to double check the newest firmware is installed (but it did 3 separate installations when I initially connected) Then try it again.

OK, update… and this seems dumb! - I did need to do 1 more firmware update so completed that… tried again unsuccessfully to connect to WiFi… But then, I decided to try one more time… here is the ONLY thing I did differently. I manually typed in my password for the network, instead of using it saved from my phone or previous settings. (And yes, previously I had made sure the password was correct) - this time it connected almost instantly, and gave me a message to connect to WiFi simply unplug the router… I did and it worked. I moved the base where I needed it, and is working great.

That’s great and I tried that and still didn’t work. Running now with the Ethernet cable plugged in.

Same problem. Wifi was working fine, got a new router and it’s this crap.