New router outdoor cams off line

My internet router died. After the one was setup my my outdoor cameras are offline. I tried syncing them with no luck. How do I get them back online?

Make sure you are using the same name and password that you used for the one you had , for your new router .
Is your outdoor base plugged into Ethernet ? If not you may have to plug it into Ethernet
Try removing the outdoor camera base, then set it up again and then try setting up cameras again

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Keeping the same router name and PW is not a good option. I have spent 3 days getting 15 other items set up the new router. Also saw no way to change the router name. Seems to be hardwired in - Netgear R7000.
Outdoor base is connected via ethernet.
I wonder if uninstalling the wyze app and reinstalling it would work?

Thanks for the reply.

You can change , it I used to have a R6400
A quick search brought this up

@Newshound could probably help you out more

Can’t hurt give it a try


Many Many hanks for the Netgear KB article. I searched and didn’t find it. That is exactly what I needed 3 days ago. I save the site in case I ever need it again.
I fixed my issue by reinstalling the Wyze app but at first it came back up with the same cams installed but still off line, So I deleted all devices and started a new install of the base station and the 3 cams. Seems to be working fine now. Thanks for the help!!


Cool, glad ya got it all working

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I believe it was coincidence this happened at same time you got a router. I bet you have the v2 cams huh. when you set them up with the new router did you by chance do a firmware update? bet you did huh?