Outdoor Base Station Offline After New Router

OBS has gone into infinite blue flashing after installing a new router. I’ve tried everything suggested (with the scant online help Wyze offers) including deleting the OBS and cams but no soap. Ranting here because this was one of the worst product roll outs Wyze has done. Three devices bricked in one hour.

Did you use the same SSID and password for the new router that the base and cams were originally set up on??
If you deleted the base and cams when they were off-line you may never get them back again.

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Actually I did use the same ID/PW but after no success I deleted the BS (without much documentation otherwise to refer to). So, like I said, it’s bricked.

What’s the new route brand? And it’s trying to connect wirelessly not wired with an ethernet cable right? With wireless you also need more security settings correct to work. Go into the router settings and see if the wifi security is Set to WPA2 or WPA 3? Set to WPA2 if it’s not. I had to also make my Ubiquiti access point I use set to legacy devices for the base station to connect wirelessly.

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Netgear Nighthawk AX2400 5-Stream WiFi

6 Router - RAX30 is the router. I had the Base Station connected via ethernet to the router LAN port (I also replaced cable). I don’t know if it was trying to connect to wifi. Security is WPA2. As I explained to another replier I had already deleted the base station from the app that apparently makes it permanently unreachable. Thanks for your time though.

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I personally think that WYZE should put a warning in either the directions for set up or separate piece off paper in the box of this notice about not deleting the cam/base off line. I have never done it but numerous members have. I would call support and ask for a replacement base and cam/cams due to lack off direction. they are open Saturday 8AM-4PM
Phone #
1-844-999-3226 or 206-339-9646

I’m not concerned about replacing them as they are way beyond a reasonable return timeframe for such devices. I think better online documentation would be a good gesture for owners not yet in this position. Better would be in the app during the setup process.

Update: I was able to get the Outdoor Base Station added as a new device (with cams) even though I deleted it in the process of trying to reconnect. I don’t know what was different so I can’t advise on a fix but it’s only fair if I complained about it to similarly praise a full functioning unit.
Anyone familiar with this situation may be able to offer an opinion. The only thing that I can think of is the unit was quite hot yesterday and possibly after a day of cooling off it helped? Anyway thank all for the replies.

Glad you are back in business. I have deleted the base and cams before when they were on-line and was able to add them all back by setting them up again as new devices.

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