Outdoor cams offline after update

Both of my base stations were connected with WiFi and were fine. The latest update ( broke the WiFi connection. The LEDs are flashing blue. If I connect an Ethernet cable to the base station, the LED stops flashing and all the cams work. So, I get into the app and see the connection type is Ethernet. Told the app to change to WiFi and was told to disconnect the Ethernet cable and the base stations would switch to WiFi.

That was last night. 10 hours later the LEDs are still flashing.

Any thoughts?

I had the same thing happen last week. Turns out, the outdoor cams/base station do not support WPA3 (even though all the other Wyze cams do)
Check your router settings and make sure WPA3 is disabled. Mine came back up after I turned off WPA3 on my eero mesh router.

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Thanks for the idea, but the Tenda MW6 does not support WPA3. The interface is strictly through their app. I couldn’t see anyplace in the app mentioning WPA anything.

Hmmm. Try power cycling the router as well as the base station. Unplug the router and base station (as well as the ethernet from the base to the router) for 30 seconds. Plug the router in. Let it boot up. Then attach the ethernet to the router and base station and plug the base back in. Once it’s showing online in the app via ethernet. Try switching again to wifi.

That’s the only other thing I can think to try.

@WyzeLi Please take a look. Thanks!


The new base station firmware update released yesterday (October 11, 2021) was supposed to fix that problem. The prior firmware caused an issue where if a Base Station was connected WiFi and then loses it’s connection, would be unable to reconnect (Wifi or ethernet) and the LED would flash blue. I had the Base flashing blue issue until they released and I was able to manually flash the base station and reinstall my Base and outdoor cam. But my Outdoor cam is still on, and not today’s release of (October 11, 2021). I’m planning to wait a bit before updating the Outdoor cam just in case. But both of mine are working on the combination of (Base) and (Outdoor Cam). Hope that helps!

I will just connect the bases to a switch.

Hi @TomG
Can you please submit an app log of your base station and let me know the log id number?



Log file 318203

Ethernet cables are connected and the LEDs are still flashing blue. Before I could see the cams with the Ethernet cables connected. Power cycled the base stations and router with no change.


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I hope this gets sorted for you soon!

As do I. This morning the LEDs are not flashing. Left the Ethernet cables connected all night. Once all the outdoor cams are back online, the ethernet cable will be disconnected on one base station to see if it switches to WiFi


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Hmm. Either the planets lined up or someone at Wyze did something, but both base stations and all 8 outdoor cams are online and on WiFi

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Good to hear!


As in Poltergeist “They’re baack!”

Log file 340208

Yesterday noticed no WOCs were online. Have 2 base stations with blue flashing LEDs Were connected with WiFi since last message here.
Connected Ethernet, power cycled, same thing. Let them sit overnight with Ethernet connected. Same thing this morning. Nothing was changed
Rebooted router. Same thing.

Sunspots? :sunglasses:


Working now. Must have been sun spots. Again, nothing changed. Hmmm

Ok. Not working on wifi but work on ethernet.


Bump. Log ID 341833 from a few minutes ago.

Blue LED flashing on both base stations. Connected Ethernet and LED on solid. Worked with one base station to simplify, and made sure I am working with the same base station as in the app and told the app to switch to WiFi. Disconnected Ethernet and blue LED stayed flashing until I got tired of looking at it. Stayed flashing until I reconnected Ethernet.

These were solid until the last firmware update. Please advise.