Change WiFi Network Name (SSID) and password without device reset

Not according to Wyze they haven’t. Please explain.

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Suggestion for connection

I think it would be nice if we could switch what Internet it’s connected to after we’ve set it up

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I had a security breach and had to change my wifi password. What a huge hassle that took hours! Each camera had to be reset. Well, the problem is I put my cameras in hard to get areas (such as crawl through the attic and into the eaves) so that people couldn’t take my cameras without being seen. So I had to crawl back up there again to be able to reset it just because my wifi password changed. Please change this ASAP!!! People with good security plans frequently change their passwords, so a good security system for your home should include the feature of being able to do it easily from your phone app. Thanks!

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Thank you for the support I completely agree I change my password last night to my Internet and I had to reset 6 different cameras. It was a disaster and I couldn’t believe this hadn’t already been implemented in. It should be an option when you click on each camera it even shows what a network you’re connected to right there you should be able to click on the network and sign into a different one I feel like it would be a feature that would be very easy to implement and it would change so much for the better

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I agree. When I need to change or re-install my devices, this is a real pain. I have 18 of them. It gets very frustrating. Otherwise, I really like the Wyze devices.

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I just had this same issue today! And I have 8 different devices/items. I wanted to scream! Granted didn’t take too long but to have to get a ladder or chair to reach most of these was the issue, I didn’t need! :crossed_fingers:t3: let’s hope it can happen one day!

This is something we are now looking into to see how much work and resources it will take to accomplish.


Awesome! I am interested to know what difficulties there are in adding this feature. Please update us on the technical aspects of what is happening.

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Thank you I feel like it would be a great integration for everybody. It would make everybody’s life so much easier especially when we have whole security systems set up.

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I will keep everyone up to date with what I learn. I think this getting done will mostly depend on the resources it will take but we do know this is something that would make life a lot easier for many.


Well, we appreciate your time and consideration in the matter. At least I appreciate the response. It’s nice to know that the Wyze staff members actually look at this.


Wow. 4 years go by and no progress. I’ve had to pull out the ladder, scale the front of my house to reset my camera FIVE times now. Seriously sick of this.