Change to 5G network on the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro

Is there a way to switch from a 2.4Ghz to a 5Ghz network after your Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is installed?

I think, just like with changing the WiFi for all the other cameras, You simply go through the whole setup again. Act like you’re adding a new device in the App, select the Video Doorbell Pro and follow the setup steps and then just choose a new SSID that is only 5gHz this time. As far as I know that’s really the only way to do it, and is the same thing we have to do for almost any of the other devices when we change the WiFi SSID name.


I’m guessing you have to delete the Doorbell Pro from the Wyze app
to change the Wi-Fi?

No, I change the wifi on devices all the time, I don’t delete the device first, I just start the setup process exactly like I’m adding a new device, and it just updates the device with the new set up. In fact, I’ve done this with other devices a bunch and because I didn’t delete them first, it kept all the rules and automations still attached to the device even when I chose a different name for it when I went through set up again. It was great! Most everything stayed the same.

If you want to remove all the rules and all the other settings it previously had, then yes delete the device first, but if the only thing you want different is the WiFi network, then don’t delete it first. Most everything else should stay the same that way.

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