Cat Almost got them

I opened the window amd scared it away. Then, I set the table higher and haven’t seen him up there since.


Feathers for breakfast! :joy:

Love those clear closeup vids! :heart_eyes:


Yep, that was close!


Goofy cat was looking for the rest of the bird. :rofl:


My client would like to assert his 5th Amendment rights.

However, as my client’s counsel, I would like to point out that this is a friendly face. Excitement of seeing his friends in a game of hide and seek:

And you will notice in this next frame right after that one, that he didn’t bite any feathers out (and maybe they are leaves). His mouth hasn’t even closed on anything yet and those alleged “feathers” are already on top of his left arm and under his chin while he is still yelling “SURPRISE!!!”

We will be asking that the following frame be suppressed from any hearing on the matter. It is clearly too blurry and makes it look like there are birds everywhere with feet upside down and it’s just too hard to see clearly. In fact, we believe that some sections of it are so pixelated out of place with the rest of the clear picture that the blurry part indicates an AI may have altered them:

I mean, my clients arms are open, but a bird is upside down with feet in the air? Outrageous!

Please ignore the following frames…they were clearly AI generated, or a different entity as my client does not usually have a brown mustache:

Look, here is proof that my client really just wanted to eat some seeds like everybody else:

He’s clearly an herbivore.

And we still maintain that he can only be tried by a jury of his PEERS.



Hahaha - Even though I strongly believe your client was clearly smoking something by the subtle depiction in the 3rd to last photo - and hence this case (and cat…) should be thrown out of court and also not allowed to hunt (or eat seeds…) while under the influence of being stoned……. I find your case extremely hilarious!!! And thank you for sharing it with this court! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You might enjoy the thread with the first case then:

My clients have given me a substantial retainer for my ongoing services to protect their good names from harassment and taking their pure motives out of context without clear evidence to the contrary. :slight_smile: And to convert @Antonius to become a cat lover.


Dang!! That looks like clear evidence of a “Lying in wait” case…… that cat will Never be allowed to work in law enforcement with that in its past! :laughing:


Hes becoming a menase. Earlier he banged into my (cheap old metal) front door. I had to chase him off as he was trying to harass the birds there. And this morning he jumped way up to the higher table top. So I placed it even higher. Any higher and it would be above the window sill.

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Like this one. There are about 30 more event videos of the same criminal :black_cat: :grin:

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Wheeeee!  That cat’s a natural, Ann. :movie_camera:  Good work. :slight_smile:

(And the carver did him justice :+1: )

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Amicus curiae

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If you want to video birds through glass, put a very reflective plastic tint on the window with the reflective side towards the birds or other animals. They won’t be able to see you, but you will be able to see and photograph them.

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Yeah, ive done that in the past. But I don’t have a problem at this window with my pro cameras. The problem with reflective stuff sometimes is their reflections. My wyze cams are also on the feeding table itself and on the outside window sill.