Cannot Stream Live Video when a Live Event is being recorded

100% of the time.

Below are my settings in general so you can also duplicate those as well. This primarily happens when a lot of commotion is going on, like the individuals are here mowing the grass. Normally 3 individuals continually being seen and recorded.

I would be glad to make adjustments to all of my V3 settings if you would like me to. Seems to be related to the amount of data being provided for CamPlus to process and return the results. once things calm down and the video is tagged, everything clears up.

Here is my general settings for the V3 camera’s:

These are my detection settings

I use Detection Zones. Different for each, but this is my driveway.

And this is my notification settings

Here are a couple of video’s of the mowers - could not live stream the camera’s during this time…

This is helpful. I am having the firmware engineer looking into this issue.

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Great. Did you see my DM? I am finding that FW version, which is on 1 camera, seems to be working a lot better. The V3’s which are faulty, is on FW which you all pulled. May be a simple FW issue. I am willing to test a newer FW version is you would like me to. I can flash or apply to all the affected camera’s or one of the Camera’s.

Which ever works for you.

Thanks for the response.

That is my concern because we always iterate firmware with higher version number. If it works better on an older firmware, not newer one then that is something the dev is looking into.

Thank you for all of the information.

Hi for this issue: Cannot Stream Live Video when a Live Event is being recorded - #5 by spamoni4 the log 203563 you uploaded is failed, could you reproduce this issue and submit another log? Thank you.

Will do… :slight_smile: Not much going on outside today, but will try to trigger it. Just so you know, I submitted that log when the issue was happening, interesting that you did not get the log or it was corrupted. On my side it said successful. Check logs 222127 and 221218 as these were others with the issue. In the meantime, I will see if I can reproduce and get you the log

Question, I had the latest Beta App yesterday on my Android phone 2.22.11 and that yesterday evening I saw there was an update to the wyze app again. Did the install and it downgraded to the production version 2.21.27. Letting you know this for 2 reasons:

  1. The log I will be submitting will be different from the previous ones
  2. Would like to know why the Beta App was rolled back or if there is an issue we should be looking out for.

Here is my Topic I created - Others are having the same issue including some Mavens:

@QiS, here I just submitted 2 logs:

237397 - Issue Log - This is the one which had problems connecting to the stream
237400 - Good Log - This is the one which I could connect to the stream once all events were completed.

Here is the interesting part:

Driveway2 (v3) - reported Person, Vehicle which was correct
Driveway (v3) - Motion only, not correct as I was moving around the driveway
Porch (v3) - Motion only not correct. I was walking through the porch
Front Door (VDB) - Motion Only. Not correct as it is in the same spot where the porch was.

I think it may be related to the AI processing or maybe defective camera’s?

Driveway2 is a V3 you all sent for me to try and keep. It has been much better than the driveway and the AI reporting is a lot better. But this is the camera I don’t have AI attached to, it just magically works. I have been emailing Shawn on this as you requested.

here is the Video’s, you can see I was walking from my driveway to the porch - that is all it took as 4 camera’s were providing a stream for AI processing… 4 Camer’a were in sight of me:

Video Doorbell - Image first, then unable to get the Video downloaded. However, It does play

Porch (same area as doorbell) - Image first, Video next

Driveway - Image first, Video next

Driveway2 - Image first, Video next

@QiS , was wondering if the logs submitted in the above post was usable? were you able to open and read the logs?

@QiS I just submitted 2 more logs for you all to look at:

Driveway Cam - Cannot Live Stream: 238215
Driveway2 Cam - I can live stream more consistently, but have issues at times. This log is a successful stream: 238216

Note - at times when I connect to a V3 camera, it will stream and the KB/S goes from 127Kb/s to 40 Kb/s to 90 Kbp/s to 2 Kb/s back up to 100 Kb/s then 0 Kb/s…

This is an example but not actuals - but you can see how he Kb/s fluctuates dratically.


Thank you for your video and logs, I’m still wait for the feedback from our devs.

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My Pleasure. I was working with other Community Members as indicated in my DM. Today, all V3’s were having streaming issues. So not sure if it has anything to do with the Camera’s hanging upside down and using the flip 180 option. I can say the new V3 which is not Upside down seems to work more consistently.

@QiS @XuLi

I just watched the Crosby Youtube video, impressive setup and fluid video stream within HMS. I decided to try to add 5 camera’s to the mix and it was not as fluid.

  1. The time on the video does not move - just sits. occasionally it will change.
  2. I get grey boxes where the image should be. Here is the MORE Screen in HMS

This is from my Android Phone

This is from my iPhone

I think this is also related to the streaming issue. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to pass this on.

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I forwarded it to the HMS PM. He will follow up on this issue.

Thanks, I think this is all related to my streaming issues.

Hi @spamoni4 feedback from our devs: Because you are an internal test user, you upgraded the new firmware (3.18 or above) but did not update edge ai. There will be no such compatibility issues in the future.

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How can I update edge ai? Or when can I expect it?

I just asked them the same question. Once I got their reply, I’ll tell you.

Thank you.

Can’t wait. :slight_smile:

So, if my monitoring tab Security cam section is streaming all 5 of my cams well just like Dave’s showed in the new youtube video, does that mean that I updated the Edge AI already somehow while @spamoni4 has not somehow? Why is there a difference between he and I since I too am just a an internal test user? Why does mine work (I’m also using the latest beta app and latest beta firmware on everything just like him).

Also, I thought Edge AI referred to local AI processing such as how XNOR.AI did person detection locally on the cams instead of going to the cloud. How does Edge AI help or affect streaming in this situation? What is the function of this Edge AI since I thought all of the AI detection is done through Wyze Servers.


@QiS if you can get the answers to what @carverofchoice asks, that would be great.

We both are similar in setup, but I am having an issue with streaming on the V3’s and the VDB. The V2’s seem to just work.

The issue also exists in HMS, as indicated. I cannot get the V2 to stream consistently as well.

being patient, but any information would be appreciated.

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one more set of Logs, I am being patient but the mowers are here so this is a perfect time. Nothing streams live but I am getting a boat load of alerts. Funny thing is that my Backyard cam alerted me of a person rather quickly before the Eufy cam I have there as well, which is local processing.

In any event:

  • Here is the Driveway cam which could not stream at all: Log # 241084
  • Here is Driveway2 which I can get to stream eventually it may go to 0 Kb/s: Log # 241085

Both V3’s