Android app 2.21.27 was just installed

I was on Android App version 2.22.11 and checked to see if Android had any updates for my phone. It showed a Wyze App update so I performed it. Now I have been rolled back to 2.21.27. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Here is an image of the About screen

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Same here.

Thought I was going crazy. :slight_smile:

Thanks for validating

Yep… same here.

Really weird, I see it, didn’t install per your warning… Looks like a prod update? Did you scan again to see if the latest (2) beta release was available after you updated?

Same here, I’ve seen this happen in the past. It’s possible they pulled the 2.22 beta and somehow forced a downgrade to the 2.21 official app. It’s odd, I don’t think I’ve seen any other app downgrade except Wyze.


Yes, I scanned and even removed and then installed. It is the old version. Wonder if they meant to pull it back.

I wonder if they found a major bug or something was added as part of the build which should not have been.

But they did roll back to the production version. This led me down the path to leave the beta testing and rejoin to see if it triggers the release, but no luck.

@WyzeGwendolyn , any idea as to why 2.22.11 version of the Android app was removed or rolled back?

When I go to the Play Store I show 2.22.11 as the current app version available for download.

It was there yesterday for us. I did the install and was testing. Then later that day there was another update, did that and it rolled me back. As did it for others on the thread.

Need to figure out what is going on. I still don’t have it now.

This is what I see in the Store, and it shows Beta (as I am in the Beta Program), but based on Wyze, this version is production:

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The Beta App is back. It is now 2.22.12.


Thank you for the heads-up… installing now. :+1:

Because the 2.21 hotfix Android version number is greater than 2.22 beta, it is covered

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