2.16.14, 12/7/20 - anything we should know?

The update pushed to me yesterday. Anything we should be aware of or check on?

Heres what they said about it on Facebook.

2.16 app Release Candidate Test 12/7/2020

Android: 2.16.14
iOS; 2.16.11(4)

What’s New:
Added support for Wyze Plug Outdoor
Fixed a bug preventing Account tab sections from displaying on some Android devices
Bug fixes

This is Wyze 2.16 Release Candidate, If you found any issues please let us know, Thanks!

@joedel263 thanks for your response. The update also provides that information. I am looking for the powers that be, here in Beta world, to let us know if there was anything specific to look for - as they typically do here.

Possibly this was too minor for them to post anything on

Considering its a Release Candidate, I think they just forgot us.

Its still doing some wacky things that were issues in the prior release, so hopefully they are going to push another beta update before putting into production.

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