V3 v4.36.3.11 playback issue in landscape on Android 2.21.14

I have been noticing an issue when in “View Playback” on any of my V3 cameras when watching on either my android phone or android tablet. The problem is that when in landscape, the time slider covers up the bottom portion of the video. When you tap the screen to hide the time slider, it is replaced with a white bar. This does not do this on my @#$%^&* iPhone, and only does it on V3 cameras. I have V2 cameras both with and without RTSP firmware, and Pan cameras with RTSP firmware. Both the V2 and Pan behave normally on the Android, and all of the cameras behave normally on the $%^&*@ iPhone. This is 100% repeatable.

Here are a few screen captures on the issue as seen on the Android phone looking at playback on a V3 camera.
First is a live picture in Landscape from a V3 on android

Next is Playback in portrait from a V3 on Android

Here are two views of Playback from a V3 on Android

By comparison, here are two playback captures from a V2 (the camera is right next to the V3)

Here is all the version information:

Android version v2.21.14 on Moto g7 Power with Android version 10
Android version v2.21.12 on Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0", 2019) with Android version 10
iOS version: v2.21.26 on iPhone 8 with iOS version 14.6
V2 non RTSP:
V2 with RTSP:
Pan with RTSP:
Because I noticed that the tablet did not have the latest beta version (I mostly use the table for flying my drone), I updated it to v2.21.14 with no change in this issue.


Good catch, just checked mine and I see the same thing. Running all Beta app and Firmware. Have you submitted a log and contacted Wyze?

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Yup, same thing. The V3 playback bar isn’t even translucent like it is with the earlier cameras.


Yes, submitted log # 229582


Does it also occur with Android production app 2.21.25?

I actually don’t know. Everything I have is beta - both camera firmware and phone apps. Give it a try, and report back here.
Very likely - as I recall, beta version 2.21.14 became production version 2.21.25


Yep 2.21.25 is now production as of today. I will check once it loads.


Just tested on the latest Production build and the issue still exists.

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Yeah I see it with Android 2.21.25 with a V3 FW as well. I submitted a log as well. Good catch @K6CCC. I guess it’s an app issue then. I wonder if It was there on the previous production app. It’s not just beta related. I can’t see the timestamp either in landscape mode during SD card playback mode.

Also I noticed if you rotate back to portrait mode then it becomes grey. Another bug…

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I have this problem with v3 cams and Android apps v2.21.25, v2.21.14 and v2.21.12.

I don’t have this problem with v3 cams and Android production app v2.20.21.

No problems with v2 playback with any app version.

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I don’t see that. Portrait is normal.

I noticed the same thing today. Thanks for submitting a log. I’ll do one too.

Been having same problem on all my v3s for 4 days now as well. Was wondering why wife on her crap-pod wasn’t complaining about it yet

Beta v2.22.11 fixes this problem.

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Android hasn’t shown up for me yet. Hopefully soon.

It was out. I installed yesterday and was testing. Last night, there was another update which I installed and it rolled me and others back the the production release. I reported it and trying to find out why.

here is the topic area about it:

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