Missing time scrollbar in landscape view, preview screen issues

With the latest update i seem to have lost the time scrollbar when viewing playback in landscape view. It’s there in portrait view but does not pop up from the bottom when I switch to landscape. This isn’t really a problem on a tablet but the portrait view is almost unwatchable on a phone.

Also, the camera preview in portrait view is now squished vertically. It looks like this happened when the bitrate was added to the preview although I could be wrong. I don’t remember seeing the bitrate there before. I see this only on my phone but bit my tablet.

You really need to state what OS (iOS or Android) and what version of the app and firmware/camera model you’re using.

Android, 1.4.31 on a Galaxy S7 and a Tab S2, (1 Pan), (4 Cams).

Okay, so you’re running the beta app. You should report these issues in the appropriate Facebook group. Then I’d try reinstalling the app to see if that fixes it. If not, and you can’t live with it, revert to the production version.

Ok, will do. I looked in the beta forum and didn’t see much in the way of posts about broken features. Thanks.

Much more goes on in the Facebook group here:



Had no idea, thanks!

At least on the iOS version, tap the screen while in playback in Landscape mode and the timeline will come and go. That also includes the bitrate.

As for the facebook group, I guess that’s great for those that use facebook. Sucks for people who don’t (and have ZERO intent to do so).


Android version worked the same way before for me. I assume it was the app update because it happened to both of my Android devices. Waiting for approval for the fb group.