White bar showing at bottom of playback screen

Only shows in landscape mode. Just started this behavior today. The phone is a Galaxy S9+

Reported and confirmed. Here is the original thread on this issue.

Seems this BUG has been around for over a week and WYZE DOESN’T WANT TO FIX IT QUICKLY. This is a big issue FOR ALL OF US WHO REVIEW RECORDED FOOTAGE FROM OUR V3 CAMERAS.
You can’t see the timestamp nor anything in the bottom 10% of the image while in landscape mode.
Once again, they are so busy focusing on the gadgets and gizmos that they don’t have enough resources on their CORE PRODUCT WHICH IS: THE CAMERA.

Release Android App v2.21.26
V3 firmware

At least I’m glad I still have a bunch of V2 cameras THAT WORK FINE FOR NOW

I chatted with Wyze Support yesterday and they are clueless. As usual they say they’ll submit my log and info to the development team. Which just means there is nothing we can do but cross our fingers until someone over there decides to perform some quality control before releasing firmware and app updates.

Beta v2.22.11 fixes this.