Cannot Stream Live Video when a Live Event is being recorded

I have a ticket number from Wyze: 1215948 and Log submitted: 200213. I was informed that I would need to put the Prod release of the app on my phone capture the logs again and then respond to the email with the ticket number. Guess you really cannot open a ticket if you are testing the Beta Releases for Wyze. Not a huge issue as I still got a ticket number. I also want to say, I had no issue dealing with Wyze Support and fully understand that the primary support if for Prod systems. Richard from Wyze support was pleasant to deal with and appropriately told me where I can post the information - which I already do. :slight_smile:

App Version: v2.20.3
V3 FW:
Doorbell FW:
CamPlus is on all my outside Camera’s except the WCO camera’s

Now here is the issues:

The Lawn Service came today to mow my lawn. The Camera’s were Alerting me as expected. I opened the App and looked at the Events tab and there were a number of Camera’s in LIVE Recording mode. I then went to the Home Tab and the and clicked on My Driveway Camera and it simply spun and never connected, I clicked on my Doorbell Camera and same thing happened. I went back to the Events tab and kept refreshing to see when the recording stopped and the time was provided along with the Tag for the Event. Once it cleared, I went back to the Home page and clicked on the Driveway Camera and it loaded without issue, checked the Doorbell and the same, started without issue.

Note: I have a couple of Eufy Camera’s I am in the process of removing as well, so the Video will show EUFY Notifications. But Let me say, the Wyze was notifying as it should, so don’t read into this and assume Eufy was doing better.

Also Note: if I clicked on the actual Live Event, it was able to load and play the event. My assumption is that it was LIVE since it said it was LIVE. If I moved the time slider back to the beginning it would play from the start. So there is a work around, but the default action is to go to the LIVE Feed and not the LIVE EVENT.


So if you click on a camera from the main home screen that is currently recording a cam plus event, then it will never load? That’s an interesting bug… I’ll have to test it out. I often have issues with loading cameras but I’m not sure if it’s my slow network or the cameras sometimes…

That was my first thought as well. I updated my Network to try and resolve it. I updated to the TPlink Deco X60. My WAN connection tests at 836.6 Mbps up and 921.4 Mbps down.

I know the network is fine, when I am having the issue, I can run a Wireless speed test and get 300+ Up and Down.

Now I am looking at QoS. But that is my experimenting now.

If you end up testing, would be great to know your results.

I tested with a Wyzecam v3 FW on Android beta v2.20.3. I was able to open the camera from the home page and see the livestream even though there was a Cam Plus event being recorded. It said live on the Cam Plus event.

I have a separate issue with the v3s on my tp link deco m9 plus router though. They won’t connect reliably to that specific router.

Thanks for the test.

What router are you using which works for you? I have the Deco X60 and have no issues at all with the exception of this.

Also note: These are my V3 Camera’s. My V3 and V2 in the Garage seems to be better, but the V2 and WOC’s seem to not have the issues. Or at least, I have not experienced the same thing.

Just did a test again and had same issue, I was walking around the driveway. Sending in the images and video’s to my ticket now.

I added a new log: 203563 for my Ticket. This time I tested on the iPhone with the Prod App.

Mine just spins and not connection. But once the Event finishes and things clear out. It connects.

@cheaplikeafox one other thing. I have my Driveway Cam, Doorbell, and Porch Cam which are close proximity. They all pick up on motion at different points in time, but all are normally close together. Wonder if the issue is that all 3 were recording at the same time.

I’m just using some basic Netgear router… Not sure what version but it works better with the v3s for some reason. I was testing on only a single camera that was recording an event at the time.

Thanks – I will test my One Back yard V3 and see if it experiences the issue. If not, it would likely be the multiple streams. However, Nothing else on my network is having issues. Upgrading to the Deco X60 has been great in performance and reliability. At least for the most part. :slight_smile:


Thank you for reporting this issue. Let me summarize your reported issue to make sure I am understanding it correctly - if you are in Live Streaming, an motion in real life triggers an camera event fine; however, if you are in Live Event (this is of course CamPlus only), you can NOT connect to Live Streaming. Am I right?

Also, could you try this with 2.21 app? Is this still the case for you?

Thank you.

If you can still reproduce this issue with 2.21, with multiple cameras. Could you please submit a log in the 2.21 app?

So to summarize my issue:

If an Live Event is being recorded, I get notified, I go to the Devices page and try to Live Stream and the camera will not load at all. Once the event has completed and the Tag is applied to the Event, the Live stream will start working again.

Yes it is reproducible in 2.21 of the app. I already submitted the log file: 221218.

if you need another, please let me know.


I see you have an IOS :slight_smile: does it happen to IOS as well or just android?

I just submitted another one: 222127 is the log Number. The stream went to 0.0 Kb/s it is the Driveway Cam. was sitting on Getting Image, stream started at 200+Kb/s then went down from there.

Yes it happens on the iOS device as well.

I was wondering if the new WEBRTC may help with this as I don’t see it as much on my V2 Camera’s


I have this exact issue but with Android being the only difference really. Just wanted to add to the list of people that this happened to.

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Glad it is not just me. :slight_smile:

I am currently working with Wyze on this issue. I submitted a few logs for them to review. Might be beneficial if you could submit a log of this and the post the log # to your post for WyzexuLi.

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I tested with my multiple v2 and pans and verified this issue doesn’t exist. I will find a v3 and give it a try.

That is what I have been seeing as well. Others don’t seem to be having the issue and others are.

Can I ask what kind of Router system you have? I have the Deco x60 setup and have no issues streaming.

Did you make any changes? I think the V2’s are working better, but the WEBRTC is in place. That may be the solution.

The WOC’s have no issue, I think that is because it is wired and uses the hub.

I use a google mesh.

I found a v3 and repeat the exact steps as you summarized. However, I couldn’t reproduce this issue.

What fw version you have there?
I have app ver: 2.21.26 with Android system and fw version: