Cancelation of orders

I wish to suggest a cancelation button on orders placed directly with recently i encountered a 2+ hour ordeal to get an order canceled. First of all nobody answered the telephone number provided by the support option and i waited over an hour and placed calls to both the help line and the corporate office lines. In my opinion that is completely unacceptable. Then i found my way to the live chat and found it very difficult to navigate the system. By now i am thoroughly frusterated. Finally i get through to someone who was very helpful in the live chat. While he couldn’t resolve my issue by initiating a cancelation of my order he was attentive to my concerns. The web site claims that if the order is not in shipping status it can be canceled. My order was in processing status. I was told in the chat that the order was in “pick and pull” status (not mentioned anywhere). I was told that the order could not therfore be canceled. Now i am more than frusterated. Ready to throw away all my Wyze equipment. My simple and commonly used by all other retailer outlets is to provide a cancel button and make it hassle free. It is easy to order from but impossible to cancel or return an item. I believe this is on purpose as most people would give up trying to cancel or return an item therefore saving countless dollars for Wyze. Now i must wait to receive the order then process a return. If the support with Wyze was as good as the product this would be an outstanding company. Instead the support departments are killing your company. Your choice. Improve support or eventually lose the company or be forced to sell it. Standing behind your products is paramount to a good experience with your company. Again, happy with product but if support continues to be this bad I’ll gladly get rid of all of my Wyze products (many). End.

Same thing happen to me just now. I was on the phone for that long also. Chat also told me there was a long tome to wait for chat also. How do I refuse I delivery I was to get tomorrow?

You may think your experience thus far has taken you to the end of your rope, but if you wait until you receive your order, you might forget your current aggravation and decide to set it up anyway….

Then you’ll probably find there is a whole other [mod edit] ton of frustration still in store for you. :grimacing:

But wait. If you persevere you will probably find you’ve ended up with some equipment that works nearly as advertised, if you aren’t like me who received defective equipment right out of the box.

Good luck.

I hope this helps at least a little.

Don’t want the hassle order from Amazon, easy to cancel, return or replace…


Yeah but during my calls to Wyze CS, i got the distinct impression that there may be more hoops to jump through when seeking warranty replacements for equipment purchased from other retailers. .

Not with Amazon, their return policy is simple and easy even with Wyze Cams.

Returned a V3 and had the replacement before Amazon got the return in the mail.

Opened Amazon App, clicked return item, listed reason, took V3 to UPS store showed the return QR code from Amazon and done…

Checked Amazon App an hour later and funds were in Amazon account to order the replacement, ordered and new V3 at mailbox 3 days later.

There is No Way Wyze returns are that easy❗


Yeah that’s with returns within the 30 day return window, right? I was referring to when calling Wyze in the case of needing replacements under warranty outside of even it’s own 30 day return window (which starts when you order. Not when you receive the stuff). That and everything you mentioned would make ordering from Amazon a better ordering experience. But Wyze CS made it seem like stuff ordered from elsewhere makes more work for you in regard to getting them to honor their warranty.

Does Amazon honor Wyze’s warranty?

Any cameras I have had to return due to defect, etc… was within the 30 day window, Wyze would have to honor a unit bought anywhere else and the only hassle is providing proof of purchase (receipt) to Wyze to validate warranty.

As far as Amazon warrantying a Wyze product that would be NO, unless you also purchased the 2 or 3 year protection plan ($2.99/$4.99) from Amazon then it would be covered and for longer period.


I haven’t received the order yet. I called them and they set up a return for me. When I do receive it I will place the return label on it and send it back. I am finished with Wyze due to the fact of the way the company is run. I wouldn’t even give them a 1 star rating. The heck with a video doorbell! I will just get a pitbull and not worry about anything…

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If you resurrected your interested in a video doorbell that is full featured and subscription-free, you might check out brands like Eufy (made by Anker) and Lorex. Those are brands I’m considering for my future security equipment purchases.

Their prices aren’t as low as Wyze, but I expect the customer experience to be better.

Best wishes.

Thank you for your recommendations. I would like to hardwire the video doorbell instead of battery power. I need the check the power of the transformer which it would be needed if I buy one of those. They say if you hardwire a video doorbell you do receive a better feed. What do you think?

I was able to locate some reviews comparing wired & battery video doorbells, like the following:

I don’t know if it addresses your concerns exactly, but I’m no expert as a mere consumer and defer to others in regard to the technical details.

You can search YouTube for reviews on security equipment by brand and type. There’s quite a bit there.

One consideration I discovered I value about cams that I haven’t found in any battery powered cams is the ability to record continuously to sd card or NVR AND be able to access the playback from those recordings remotely. For someone who wants to be able to see the whole context of an event rather than a foreshortened clip when away from home, that’s a valuable feature and a hard one to find in equipment, battery powered especially, without a paid cloud subscription.

Here’s another YouTube channel I find helpful for general shopping advice not exclusively focused on security equipment:

I should mention that my solution to the doorbell issue was to fall back to a normal “dumb” doorbell and rely on a security cam trained on my front porch on which i can still hold 2-way conversations if needed. My feeling is that video doorbells don’t seem to offer any better resolution or functionality than a simple cam (and often less) while being significantly more expensive.

With Eufy you don’t have any subscription fees. So actually it is cheaper in the long run. If I get a wireless one will I get a decent video?

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I don’t have one personally, but there are lots of reviews on YouTube.

Here’s another that might help. It’s battery powered but can be wired with a simple looking adjustment.

It’s 2k. So I’d expect it to have better resolution than the many 1080p models on the market.

Oh and another thing I find attractive about Eufy is that the video storage resides in the base station (that lives indoors instead of inside the outdoor equipment that can be lost if it’s vandalized or stolen).

I don’t recall about Eufy but some brands include an sd card with your purchase.

UPDATE: That last video states that the included storage in the base station is 16 GB. Encrypted.

They do have a sale on the 1080p VDBs both wired ($80) and battery powered ($90) at the lowest end of their product line on their website. That may be all I need. I’m considering it.

Thank you. I will look into it . I will buy anything but Wyze. I am finished with them. One of the most important part of any company is customer service and Wyze has zero stars in my rating. I think they will go under because of that.

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…in addition to Wyze’s poor quality control in both their equipment and software/firmware.

It’s impossible for me to understand their reasoning for allowing such lapses unless their main focus in not so much on selling smart home products as it is as a vehicle for profiting from data mining partnerships.