This could happen to you when ordering Wyze

This could happen to you. My experience with buying Wyze is quiet confusing. On March 9th (Tuesday Morning), I ordered a Wyze Thermostat. I got a confirmation email and the payment was posted on my online bank account. Few days passed and I haven’t heard nothing. Usually when I order online I get a status of shipment or other status after a few days. I kept checking Wyze online and no update. So on March 12th (Friday Night) I went to Wyze online and canceled the order by clicking on the CANCEL button. I got a confirmation that the item has been canceled after selecting the Cancel button. So I thought it was canceled and bought a different brand Thermostat at Bestbuy. Then on March 15th (Monday 7:20pm), I get an email that the item has been shipped. It didn’t make sense so I emailed to ask about it. I spoke to Carl A and Elycon about why it was shipped when I canceled the order. They told me in a very generic answer, it was shipped but didn’t address my issue I canceled it. After a few emails and days ( they usually take one full day to respond) I received a return label and the item which I sent back USPS the same day but was told I will NOT BE REFUNDED THE ORIGINAL DELIVERY fee of $8.99. I kept asking why I am responsible for a fee when I CANCELED the order before it was shipped and Wyze sent the item by accident. After getting frustrated, I called 9694 number and spoke to very friendly Support staff and he told me unfortunately he doesn’t have the authority to refund the delivery fee and next time make sure to give Wyze enough time to process the cancelation before they ship it. Few questions kept popping up in my head,Why give the customer an option to cancel the order before shipping if you are going to send it out anyways? How am I supposed to know Wyze’s shipping procedure? Still very confused and frustrated I decided I couldn’t give Wyze any more money so I decided to cancel my two vacuums I pre ordered in January.
Unfortunately I have to accept the delivery fee as sunk cost. $8.99 is still $8.99 and the fact I had to pay for an item I canceled before shipping out doesn’t make sense.
Hopefully this doesn’t happen to other people who order or deal with Wyze products. Thank you for reading my experience.