Wyze just canceled my order! Why?

I ordered two of the small wise vacuums for $9.99 each. They were having a sale. I ordered them about 10 days ago. I just now got a notice that the order was canceled and I was refunded. Does anyone have any clue why this would happen?

I’d like to hold Wyze to this offer and get my vacuums. They had it at that price and I paid that price. Plus, they still have them online right now! But, it’s at a much higher price.

I suspect we all know why they canceled my order. Someone screwed up and put the wrong price out there and now they’re just canceling the orders to save their butt.

Any thoughts out there?

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According to support:

“An unexpected system error allowed orders to be created even when inventory was out-of-stock. Because of this, your order has been canceled, and we’re really sorry about that. The error which caused this issue was addressed and fixed.”

The price was actually correct, but it was only supposed to be available for the total currently existing stock. The first X number of people who ordered got those, then it was discovered there was a system error that didn’t reject the rest of the orders. Wyze couldn’t fill any of those after they ran out of stock.

Can you link me to this? I tried to confirm but was unable to find it being in stock on the Wyze website or in the app.

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The offer was accepted by the customer and the customer paid for it. I never understand how companies get away with this practice of canceling orders because they had second thoughts or their webmaster made a “mistake”.


Yeah, this is a bad look. They have the days till Christmas sale and then cancel everyone’s orders.

They should be honoring orders. I purchased the vacuum for my parents and I wouldn’t have known what happened unless I emailed support.

Wyze has really been striking out lately.

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It’s Wyze’s way of doing business, they know you will get nowhere if you call customer service :rofl:


I tend to agree It’s not a good look. Many places honor advertising errors, sales prices, etc. Sometimes companies make mistakes that cost them money, but honoring the mistake in the customer’s favor is a good practice. I could be wrong, but I thought in some places, it is or was at one time a requirement.

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The good news is that in a couple years Wyze won’t exist.

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Wyze sent out a little apology email with some details. Apology accepted.