Cancel a Preorder

Please help me. I cannot find how [mod edit] to cancel a preorder. I recently ordered 3 light switches and later realized thew cannot be used as dimmers.


I think you have to contact Wyze support via phone. I’m not 100% sure.

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Here is a related support article.

If still having issues I’d say contact Support tomorrow morning.


I also could not cancel orders made the day before. They were pre orders not expected to ship for another month, so the message about “entering shipping process” was bogus.

I called Wyze and the rep took 20 minutes to cancel the order. Certainly was a lot of wasted time on his part just to cancel an order. Another area that needs drastic improvement to reduce the number of unnecessary calls to customer service.

There is no way to cancel a preorder, without calling or emailing Wyze and this is just stupid! I can cancel regular orders easy enough but not preorders. I shouldn’t have to wait 48 to 72 hours for an email response or be on the phone for 20 plus minutes to talk to a real person to cancel my friggin preorder! Wzye fix this!!!

It’s pretty shady when a company makes it difficult for customers to cancel orders.

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That support article is only for cancelling normal orders, not preorders.

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How does the actual process differ then? What was your experience? The support article does state early access and preorder should be covered by that process.

Well it’s a lie! At no time did my “preorder” have an option to cancel it. How can it be shipped when it’s not supposed to be released until December? It showed processing, in fact it’s still showing processing. Either way there was no button to cancel my order within minutes after ordering it and hours later and even today.

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Thank you for providing actual information about this, showing that the support article differs from your experience. What did you preorder that wasn’t allowing you to cancel? I’ll send this information up so that hopefully it can be determined that either the support article is right and the ordering interface needs fixing, or the ordering interface is right and more than just normal orders can’t be canceled and then update the support article to show the actual process.


Agreed. Nor will any one reply to any other method of attempted contact. I finally found a phone # (“customer service”) and it was handled. Customer service however is for tech questions. While it was dealt with, there seems to be no direct method of cancelling a preorder.

Thank you for the comment. This repeated issue has been sent up for review.

There is a contact page on the wise website that mentions ways to contact support, here is that page:

I finally got someone to cancel my preorder. This should have never been an issue from the beginning. I believe Wyze purposely set it up this way to make preorders difficult for customers to cancel, they then get so frustrated that they just give up and keep the order. All this does is turn customers away.

Alright, we have the support page updated now with new information. I’m REALLY glad that this conversation happened because I hadn’t realized that orders were moved to processing for extended periods of time now. That’s necessary for supporting the preorder shipping process but we’re going to look for ways to make this process easier for customers.

Our apologies for the hoops you jumped through!

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