Cannot Cancel Pre-order

I want to cancel my pre-order of the Wyze Starter Kit and subscription to Home Monitoring. My order does not have a cancel button and my message to them is not being answered. Can someone please help?

I would recommend calling Wyze support at

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Thanks @Illumination. It took a while on hold, but I got it cancelled. I was told it appears that the “system” closed the message, and nobody actually saw it…

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Terminal hold… Terrible customer support… Submission of a ticket should be a button click away but it’s not

I cancelled my order and am not buying anything else until they fix my current products so they perform as advertised.

Getting a bit peeved here. I’ve been trying to cancel. Can’t auto cancel, can’t send an appropriate support message via email because the security system isn’t even listed in the drop down required menu, can’t stay on hold for an hour (or be disconnected twice).

I really used to support this company but they need to stop developing products and get working on making the ones they have actually work or at the very least, in this case, ship or refund! Grrrrrr!