Canceling orders

I recently needed to cancel an order which was in Preorder status. There’s supposed to be a link to cancel orders that are not in the shipping process. There was no link so I had to go through a lengthy chat process to get the order canceled. The web team needs to ensure that the “cancel” link is available for all orders not in the “shipping” process to save customers the hassle of contacting Wyze through chat.

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Glad you got it cancelled. Just wondering about the link… Sounds like it would be convenient, but I’m curious why it’s supposed to be there?

There should always be a link to give you an option to cancel an order whether you accidentally placed the order, change your mind, found a better option or in my case the product was not going to be available when I needed it. Every other site I order from gives me an option to cancel as long as you initiate the cancel before an item is shipped.

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I see. Thanks for the clarification.