Can you have more than one person who can view look back?

Can there be more than one phone that can look back and view the captured video?

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I have at least 5 different phones that all use the same account and view playback fine.

If you are talking about SHARING the camera to another person’s account, then shared accounts by other people can only view the cloud events, and not those on the SD card. The SD card doesn’t share.

So if you’re sharing with a spouse, you could just use the same username and password on different phones and it works fine like that, but if you’re sharing to another separate Wyze account, they will only see the cloud videos in the events tab, but not be able to access the “Playback” recordings on the SD card. At least for now…this could possibly change in the future.


Yea we need this . I don’t share my login account information to my gf and family bc they’ll have access to change settings and what not so they created accounts and i shared my cameras to theirs but one thing I noticed was that they don’t have access to view the playback?!

Wow , they’re really limited in what they can do . I would think it would be able to be done .

Viewing playback is essential , might have to add that to the wishlist !

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Rulwiz - You know they can look back at the events using the events tab, right?

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Yes , but it would also be nice if they can also view the playback

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When I first got my v2 cameras sharing did work for viewing the SD card. That ability was removed. I posted about this before and I’m not sure why it was removed.

If you’re trusting somebody to view the cloud recordings then they should be able to view the local recordings as well. Obviously they shouldn’t be able to change any settings or delete anything. Please talk to the powers that be and have this fixed. Thanks.


I would add your usecase and a vote to this wishlist post:


Hi. Jun 2023 and no updates about this ?
Need that my share user can view récords on sd

I asked them about this in a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) event, and one of the founders explained [part of] why they haven’t allowed it to be shared:

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Seems like that would fix the issue for most of the people requesting this functionality. If I grant access for someone to view the SD recordings, I would expect that they could see anything that is on there, and I don’t have a problem with that. If someone did have an issue with this, then they would be in the same position they are in now, so I don’t understand why you wouldn’t implement user permissions right away.


Agreed. At worst, they could do a pop-up message to let the user know that the shared user will get access to PAST recordings, and let them know they can just go to the settings and format the SD card before the person accepts the share if they don’t want them to have that. I would say that sufficiently resolves the concerns.

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