Cam v3 . how to have more than one person see playback?

i have a v3 and i was able able to share viewing with other people, is there a way to allow them to to see the playback from the inserted sd card.

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Two or more can have access, but I definitely wouldn’t do it unless they are a trusted individual living in your household. To do it you would need to give them your account’s user ID & password.

Even then, 2 people couldn’t watch the SD card at the same time, but both could watch one at a time.

No only the share more

You could always download the clip and then share it via OneDrive, GDrive, e-mail, etc.


WHAT: Asking if the feature to optionally also share playback could be considered in the future.

WHY: Members in our family each have their own Wyze accounts and associated smart plugs and cameras at their residences. They share outside cameras / alerts for package delivery, or unexpected activity. Adding the ability for the shared user to view playback provides a valuable assessment of the situation as threat or all good. Please consider. Thank you.

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