V3 playback with SD card

Is it normal for myself (the main account holder) to have the “view playback” button on the app that has a SD card installed and be able to view it but my wife does not have the “view playback” option when she uses her phone?

Welcome to the forums! If you shared the camera to her then yes. Shared cameras to other users have less permissions and less access to settings and functions on the camera. My wife and I use one account for all our home stuff and we both use the same password and login so that we both have access to all the camera functions like playback. And because one time I forgot to share some new cameras with her, and it’s just easier when I add stuff to the home she gets it automatically cuz we use the same account for at home.


gotcha…I thought we were using the same login. I will doublecheck. Thanks for your help.

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Interesting, I rarely use the sharing feature. Here’s what may be the relevant wish list: