Functionality of cameras when sharing

I have three V3 cameras for watching over our 92-year old father. I share these cameras with 4 additional family members. My question revolves around “why” members that I share with are not allowed to view the video feed (View Playback” option), but yet they can turn the camera off. It is important for family members to be able to go back in time and watch the video feed; most of the time, events alone do not pick up the entire story of what transpired. We hope that Wyze prioritizes this as a fix to allow sharers the ability to go back in time to view feeds.

This has been a limitation for some time, and it’s very commonly suggested. For now, the only work around is to use the same account, but that can be problematic if you or the other family members have their own Wyze devices on a seperate account.

Make sure to vote on this wishlist request, and note it’s in the “researching phase”