Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

How can this possibly still an issue after four years? I want to share a camera, I do not want the person I am sharing to to be able to switch the camera off. Currently that is what happens.


How come WYNZE App does not allow other users to go to settings to add notifications on their device? It seems that only the owner ( the person that setup u the camera) can do this. Is there a way for all other users to be able to set the notifications? Other so such as Google Nest camera.

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Schedule sharing camera’s?

It would be cool to schedule sharing camera’s. I like to share my cameras with my dad at night time but during the day I don’t want him eavesdropping on me… Is there a way already where I can set this up???

Nope. Wyze has a single default shared user profile with preset and inflexible access settings right now. That is why I’m making all this noise. They are late to the game addressing this issue. But stay tuned. They have little choice but to deal with it and your suggestion should be considered. Their shared user setup needs to be far more functional than it is now.


With release of the add-on “Garage Door controller kit” I consider permissions now the top priority.

Again, the competition (My-Q) already has multiple levels of access, from just seeing the state of the door to control only when on shared local wi-fi to full control from anywhere via cellular internet. Also one-time codes for use cases like Amazon delivering a package. Okay, so many situations a competitor has thought through and coded.

The Wyze camera reads a garage door QR code and confirms the door is visible. AND opens and closes the door. Great. So far. But questions like letting the babysitter “check the noise” and see the closed door, but NOT open it for the boyfriend … or one time anticipated access, or other situations discussed here … hasn’t happened.

One can only HOPE there is a four-year archive of shared-view use cases and code Wyze is readying for release all in one big upgrade package. Probably for another $1.99 per month …


This is a very particular use-case that I might be better addressed outside the Wyze ecosystem. A young-woman with a mind to see her boyfriend is unlikely to be foiled by a locked Wyze garage-door controller (for example, mine just pulled the emergency release and would quietly raise the garage door manually).

But I’m sure Wyze will give your “Anti-Boyfriend Mode” a thorough review. :slight_smile:

This sort of inflexible design, along with the fact that wyze devs have disregarded such a huge issue entirely, may just be the last straw on this camels back.


I am unsure if it has been mentioned, but I feel that the cameras I share with another user, THAT USER should NOT be able to turn cameras on and off.
We need permissions.


I agree. Just having hardwire abilities for shared people sorely reduces the usability and in turn the value of having a wyze camera universe in our homes.

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The Wyze Folks,refuse to even cutting the audio to shared users, so what I say in my house is private.

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Turn off Mic, and sharing controls

Especially shared cameras, it would be nice to be able to turn off the microphone. I want people to be able to see what I am sharing, but that doesnt mean I would like them to hear everything

Even aside from sharing, being able to turn off the mic would be nice for the cameras i have mounted outside. every time the wind blows i get an alert even with the sound sensitivity turned down.

Mic controls ASAP please, and Sharing controls should already be here, so those ASAP please as well.
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I’d just be happy if my wife could access the SD card data from her account with the devices I’ve sharr with her. She likes her app device list layout different than me. Plus, She doesn’t want access to all the wyze devices or to run the beta app as well.


A nice feature would be able to setup a passcode for cameras that are on a shared account. The passcode would be needed to access all the cameras features and settings.

When I first installed by Wyze Doorbell in the front and Wyze Floodlight with camera on the back, I shared the devices to my wife on her own account. We were both getting the alerts, then at some point, she stopped getting them. I don’t know if this was because of a firmware update or because we found multiple CamPro accounts and removed all but one. This is a security issue if she can’t get the alerts. She also has Wyze Buds, so she needs her own account and can’t simply sign in with mine. We have tried everything support has suggested including total removal of all devices and removal of the app from both phones and starting totally from scratch. They say it ‘should’ work and we both ‘should’ get alerts but it is not working.

I absolutely agree. Plus most households are of more than 1 person. So it should be able to save in the “ALBUM” to make note of it for other family.

any update on this?

Not received yet :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I feel this is the biggest downside to this platform. I’ve had this system for almost 4 years now. I have a 2nd house with nest and can share everything just fine without needing a subscription. Wyze leadership recently listed this is a security concern and I don’t see how sharing access is a bad thing.

Lol I just paid for a subscription to find this out? What a scam. I will never recommend wyze to anyone.

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As a security guy, allow me to lay out some of the complexities involved with this request:
To manage sharing you will have to manage the identity of all users. Not all the users of your cameras, all the users of all the Wyze cameras. Then you will have to manage all the Wyse cameras. Then you will have to store all the Access Control Lists for each user and camera pair, allowing you to know which user has what access to which camera. Then you have to get the ACL for each device to that device. Then you have to identify each user when they connect to the device to check against the ACL to see what they are allowed to access.

Right now they just need to know that this account has access at the default level to all the cameras registered to that account. An easy, simple solution that does not cost them very much. Even a rudimentary Role Based Access Control schema would cost millions of dollars to setup and hundreds of thousands more dollars every year to maintain it. How much are you willing to pay a month for these features? $10? $25?