Can wyze app handle more than a few devices?

Wyze app stopped working after android reset, no devices are shown at all. I had 5 cameras and 2 switches: it looks like this system cannot support that many. Anybody has an experience with Error 2009 ?

There are folks with easily hundreds of devices. Are you using a VPN service on your phone? If so, disable and try again.

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I’m NOT using VPN. I asked your tech support to delete my account and recreate it… still waiting as it may require elevated level of support involved.

I have over 50 devices - cameras of a bunch of different types, Outdoor Outlets, & Plugs.
Working fine on both iOS and Android devices.

I’m happy for you. I hope you won’t get to our situation when wyze service is not working at all, Tech support is responding once a day with the same non-functional instructions.

There is no practical limit to the number that a Wyze account will support. I say “practical”, as there may be a limit somewhere in the hundreds, but this is not typical.

More realistic limits might be in how many total devices a home router may support. I’ve had a couple dozen Wyze devices on my network for years.

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What actual app version is on your phone? What troubleshooting have you done? Have you tried deleting the app from your phone and reinstalling the app? Have you restarted your phone recently? These are steps I’d try for starters.

Edit/ do you have more than one device that this is happening on? Have another device that you can add the app to and test it out?

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What brand and model of home router are you using? Is it ISP provided? Do you have any special or uncommon settings set?

It is most likely a Permissions issue with the Wyze App in the Android OS that is causing the app to be denied an Internet connection.

There are users like us here in the forum that have over a hundred devices.

The best advice would be to delete the app and reinstall it to see if it will reinitiate the permissions dialogs. If it continues, please post the phone type and OS version.

Thank you Omgitstony for trying to help. Sure we went through all these steps (“for starters”) with wyze tech support as they have this manual and we had to move through the same steps with each agent. That is more complicated case for error 2009, which is not described in their manual, so they’re trying to hire a software engineer, which may take a while. In the meantime I think I found a solution, still working on the details. Thank you for you comments anyway.

Thank you SlabSlayer, We’ve reinstalled this app several times, it didn’t help. I think I found a solution, but still working on it

Can you share?

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I’d love to, but it’s just partial: I’ve made a new account with a different email address and transferred cameras to there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for the base stations and outdoor cameras, which are just bricks now. Wyze is trying to hire a knowledgeable software engineer to work on these cases, but it looks not easy for them. These cameras were cheaper than other’s… so I have what I paid for. Just happy I was wise enough not to get wyze security system.

Is there a second device (tablet\phone) that you might be able to use to install the app and test? You should be able to log into the first account on that other device to bring the WCO cams online and then delete them so that they can be installed to the second account. Do NOT delete the WCO Cams or Base Station from the app unless they are online.

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Sure SlabStayer we checked on other devices and web. Wyze rep said they don’t have a solution as they don’t have engineers, who can understand the existing code. They have a little hope that the new firmware (which is coming soon) will fix it, but in the meantime they do not see any way to turn my camera back - it looks like I have to toss it… what is another brand would you recommend to migrate to?

Customer Support doesn’t have any Engineers, Programmers, or Technical Support. They are a contract Customer Call Center outsourced to the Philippines with very limited scope and scripted responses. The programmers and engineers who wrote the code are at the Wyze HQ.

What kind of Reset was done on the Android Device? Was there a specific problem going on that necessitated the reset? Did it require a reinstallation of the Wyze App?

Before you reset your Android Device, did you have Two Factor Authentication enabled on your account within the Wyze App?

After you reset your Android Device, were you able to log into the App with your email and password AND Two Factor Authentication?

When you go thru the web to,, or Wyze Web Portal, are you able to log in to your first account with your email, password, and 2FA? Are you able to log in to the sites with the Google Auth link?

You’re right SlabSlayer, they don’t have engineers neither access to developers. We did all the things you’ve listed. It’s not about the login (we’re logging in without any problem), but Error 2009, which doesn’t let us to see any device in the app (yes, installed on different devices and on web) . Wyze doesn’t know what Error 2009 is, and their developers do not have records what’s that. It looks like the last knowledgeable one left the company, so we’re doomed.

We went through everything you’ve listed. It’s not about the login - we’re logging in, it’s Error 2009, this doesn’t let us to see any device in the app on different devices and web . Wyze support doesn’t know what Error 2009 is, their developers do not have records what’s that. Obviously the solution to convert these cameras to bricks doesn’t look technical (it doesn’t work this way, it described in so many posts in a number of forums), it’s sooner “smart marketing” move to make people buying more… not for us anymore though

Anybody knows any fix for 2009 wyze error?

All our cameras are not working on all our devices because of wyze Error 2009. Home Depot guy said these cameras are obsolete and 2009 stands for a year when this problem started. Anybody heard about any fix?

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The Home Depot guy is totally lying to you with 100% BS. For one thing, Wyze didn’t even exist in 2009, and neither did any of these camera models. Secondly, as I understand it, Error 2009 isn’t actually about the cameras specifically. I believe it is the error code for “Failed to update Device LIST” which means there is something blocking your connection to the Wyze server being able to tell the app which devices you have to display on the Home screen correctly. It’s not really about cameras, but the app connecting to the server for a list of what your account has setup (it would do the same thing for a robot vacuum, scale, smart light, thermostat or anything else…it’s not about the cameras).

You can try clearing your cache, maybe reinstalling the app. If you use a VPN, that is a very likely reason. IF you use Pi-Hole or some other blocker on your network (blocklists, firewalls, etc), it could be related to that. If you are on WiFi, try switching to just mobile data and see if it works when WiFi is turned off on your phone.

If you’re still having problems, please contact Wyze Support so they can continue some troubleshooting or log any weird patterns. Maybe it’s a sign that AWS is having a temporary issue for some people or something for example.

But 100% do not trust anything the Home Depot guy told you. They are 100% making up stuff that’s completely, verifiably false. I’m feeling fairly certain that he’s not even technically inclined at all. That is not how error codes work.

What Phone Model do you have, and what App version number? Maybe we will have an idea of what is going on.

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