Can Wyze account be linked to 2 Alexa accounts?

Is I possible to link 2 or more Alexa (Amazon) accounts to a Wyze account? I have Wyze v3 cameras on my Wyze account that I would like to be able to live view from 2 different Alexa Show 8 devices associated with 2 different Alexa/Amazon accounts. Can this be done?

Have you tried it? Link the Wyze skill on both Amazon accounts? I only have one Amazon account where all our stuff is.

Let me ask @spamoni4 I think I recall him telling me he linked his Wyze devices to 2 Alexa accounts before, we’ll see what he says.

Actually, I only have it linked to one account. But since we have Family turned on, it is available to me as well as my wife.

However, as long as you load the skill and log into the Wyze Account you should be ok. I believe the integration only sends the notifications from Wyze to Alexa to which ever account has the skill loaded.


You may need to use an alternate Wyze Account. Not sure what the Integration will show in the App if you used the same Wyze account to link to Alexa

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Thanks, that’s 2 great alternatives if it doesn’t work. Basically turn on Family and it should work on other Alexa accounts in the same family.

Alternatively, share the devices to a secondary Wyze account, and link that one to a different Alexa account.

But I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work to link 2 Alexa accounts to the same Wyze account, I just don’t know anyone who has done it. If anyone tries this, please chime in and let us know.

I agree. It should work. In the app it has smart integrations which will already show Alexa and linked. Not sure if it will get hung up on that.

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Oh yeah, that is a possibility I guess. Maybe the database table is set up in a one to one relationship or something (one Wyze account to one Alexa account). That could cause errors if they didn’t consider that someone might actually want to have a one to many relationship (one Wyze account to multiple Alexa Accounts). I would think that would be more of an oversight than an intentional limitation. There aren’t a lot of people who would use 2 Alexa accounts that wouldn’t just have those alexa accounts on a Family system anyway…but there are some applicable cases (such as roommates, etc).