Unable to link from Alexa to Wyze auth

I have been trying to link through Alexa to the Wyze auth and it will not take password, I’ve tried from the Wyze app in account and it still will not work. I’ve even changed the password on the website and can log in via laptop, but linking does not. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you adding the WYZE skill to Alexa?

Do you have 2 Factor Authentication turned on for your WYZE account? I think you may need to turn it off to link the accounts if on.

Thank you I was able to add it this morning to Alexa, now I have to figure out how to add the cameras. I have a share to another house and for some reason verbal person identification notifications are coming through on Alexa at my house 500+ miles away. Really strange since this just started when I moved a camera and added another at this other house. No notifications are coming from any other cameras verbally through Alexa.

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If you go in Alexa, Devices, Cameras the settings (if you have a V2 or Pan Cam you will get a live view, click the gear on the top right, V3 will take you directly to settings since Alexa currently doesn’t have a live view for V3)

Then click on the CAM you want you will want to edit announcements

You can identify what cameras announce on what Alexa devices.

There are 4 cameras here, but only 1 is showing on Alexa. How do I add the others? I tried to contact Amazon to ask them, but they couldn’t help me. The one that shows is a new camera just added, maybe have to remove and reinstall the others? I pay for Plus feature and do not want to lose it - prepaid for year. Thank you so much for your help.

Sorry are you saying you only see 1 of your 3 WYZE cameras in the Alexa app?

What WYZE Camera versions do you have?

Alexa should see them and add them assuming they are all on the same network. I have never added a smart device to Alexa, it just finds them.

I have two Cam V2, Firmware and a Cam Pan with Firmware I have cameras at another house and they were found by Alexa without any problem. The recent one I added is a Cam V3 indoor/outdoor with Firmware 4.36.14 and was added to Alexa without any issues. I appreciate your assistance, thank you.

Happy to assist (when and if I can :slight_smile: )

Do you by chance have the devices registered to different Amazon accounts / different WYZE accounts? (i.e. more than one account on either platform)

My husband has them on his account and they are connected to him. I’m trying to get it to show on his Alexa app on iphone. One is working on Alexa, but he does get notifications on his iphone on the Wyze app for all the cameras.

Yea, I wonder if there this a mis-match in accounts somewhere?

When you add the WYZE Skill to Alexa, you are basically allowing Amazon to link to your WYZE account.

So when a WYZE device is added, Alexa should identify the device instantly (or within 30 minutes from what I have seen in the past).

Alexa generally won’t give notification other than Person Notification for some WYZE CAM versions (unless routines are built in Alexa and those are limited too) WYZE would you your primary notification app.

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I checked that and both are the same and made sure that nothing is on a 5G network. Alexa does try to add the wifi printer, but nothing except one camera. I was added as a shared user and Alexa on my phone picked it up and added the cameras but only as shared. I will try to reset one of the cameras and see if that does anything. Hope it doesn’t mess up the Plus feature that is being paid for.

I got it resolved and added to Alexa, reset and redid the cameras. I think when the previous cameras were added my husbands phone was connected to 5G and they didn’t get added? Now need to figure out why person detection is not working on Alexa for the Cam Pan and one Cam V2. Thank you so much for your help.

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Awesome! Glad I could help.

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