Alexa won't recognize any new Wyze Devices

I purchased 2 new V2 cameras and 2 Wyze Plugs that I am adding to my arsenal of Wyze cameras and sensors.
Post setup in the Wyze App I tried Alexa to recognize the 2 cameras and Plugs. Alexa is not able to find them .
I checked and the Wyze Skill is still installed and is up to date.
I rebooted both my Echo Show and Echo DOT .
I rebooted my phone with the Alexa App and also switched between my 2.5 and 5.0 Ghz networks - nothing.
I had an extra new TPLink Plug that I setup as a test and immediately Alexa recognized the plug without going into the Alexa app .

This seems to be a Wyze Issue … Anyone have this issue

I kinda remember seeing this question before. I think the answer was to disable the Wyze skill and enable it again.

You might want to search this forum, just to make sure.

Thanks you are correct . Once I disabled the skill in Alexa and re - enabled it asked for my Wyze Account Credentials all cameras and plugs now show in Alexa . I forgot I had changed my Wyze Account credentials several months ago .
Strange that Alexa still continued to work with the other Cameras without prompting for the new credentials .
Also found the same with IFTTT - it was not showing the new cameras and plugs - Had to log back into the Wyze Service -
FYI neither of these services used the 2 factor authorization I have setup on my Wyze account . This is a little / a lot concerning …