Alexa cannot discover any wyze devices


This will be long but may provide insight to any wyze employee who may read this.

INITIALLY I had wyze cameras and 1 garage door controller installed (I have a cam+ subscription as well). Next I installed an Amazon Echo, added the wyze skill, and Alexa was able to “discover” ALL of the cameras and the GDC.

I added a second garage door controller but Alexa was not able to discover it. Stupidly I deleted ALL wyze devices from my alexa, and now whatever I do I cannot get Alexa to re-discover ANY device. I have removed and readded the wyze skill from Alexa and from Wyze in every combination. I have also deleted my entire Alexa account and created a new one and added a “fresh” wyze skill and it still cannot find any wyze devices.

I have made sure they are on the same wifi network and even same frequency (have tried both 2ghz and 5ghz). I believe this is a problem with wyze, as there is nothing else i can do. I wish there was a way to purge all Alexa data from my wyze account. The last step which I have not done, which will be an enormous pain, is to cancel my wyze account and set up a brand new “fresh” account. I really don’t want it to come to that.

Does anyone have any ideas?