Amazon Alexa Integration - Alexa not discovering Wyze Cam V2 or Wyze Cam Pan

I have a Wyze Cam 2 and a Wyze Cam Pan and cannot get my Echo Dot to discover my Wyze Cams. Here are the steps I have taken:

  1. Turned on, connected, and set up Wyze Cams in Wyze Cam app
  2. Enabled Wyze Cam skill in the Alexa app by linking my Wyze Cam account
  3. Selected Discover Devices in the Smart Home section of Alexa app
  4. Get notification saying "No devices discovered"
I have been able to set up another smart home camera I have without any issues. Any idea why this is happening or if I'm doing something wrong?



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You can’t view the Wyze Cams on an Echo Dot … it works on any Alexa device with a screen.

Far as I know you need a Echo Show/Spot or a Fire TV integration already installed for the Alexa app to discover the Wyze Cams.

~ Greg


Greg -

To clarify, I’m trying to view the Wyze Cams on my Fire TV Cube (on TV) and need to connect Wyze Cams to Alexa in app in order for me to be able to do that. I have enabled the Wyze skill in the Alexa App and connected my Wyze Cam account and the last step is having the Alexa app discover my cameras. Even though my Echo Dot and phone running Alexa App are on the same wireless network, it is not discovering the Wyze Cams.

~ Josh

Here is the troubleshooting link:


I see … using the term Echo Dot and Fire TV Cube are 2 diferent devices which confused me.

Strange it should work … with the latest Wyze cam update.

I have the Fire TV Cube and 3 Wyze Cams and a Cam Pan.

Made the integration with no probems, working lIke a charm.

Sounds network related, I’d try and reboot your modem, router and the Cube if you haven’t already and try again from scratch …

  • Greg

Greg -

In order to get your cams to work with the Fire TV Cube, did you follow the same steps I did?

  1. Get Wyze Cams set up on home wireless network
  2. Get Fire TV cube set up on same wireless network as Wyze Cams
  3. Enable Wyze skill in Alexa app
  4. Discover devices using Alexa app
Did I miss anything?



I believe my Fire TV Cube was/is on a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection on my network.

But my setup device that is running the Alexa App is a Galaxy tab was on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, the same 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi as the Wyze Cams.

After the handshake/integration I reconnected the Tab back to 5 GHz Wi-Fi.

Not all that sure if one need to do the above for it to integrate but that is what I did.

… hope that helps yah Sir.

~ Greg

@Greg, thanks for all your help. I figured it out.

I have two accounts with Wyze Cam. One that I’m using to create/reply to these posts and shop on the website, and the other is the one I have my Wyze Cams registered to. Once I enabled the Wyze skill in the Alexa app using the correct account, Alexa was able to identify my cameras and I can now see them on TV using my Fire TV cube or Fire TV stick.

Thank you,


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Great news Josh, who would have known …

Once I changed my Wyze Forum password and all my Wyze cams stop working/weren’t available.
They both used the same PW, live to learn I say.

~ Aloha, Greg

If you are having trouble with Alexa discovering your camera, try disabling the skill, then go into Alexa to enable the skill and sign into your wyze account from there . If you start in Wyze app first and enable the skill from there, then try to discover the camera, it may not work.


I’m still having issues connecting. I have the V2 camera, all the firmware and apps identify as the latest version. Somethings still not working…

I’d try and go into the Alexa app and unlink the Wyze skill then enable and login … Discovery…see if that helps.

If you have any Alexa routine(s) that contain any Wyze senses that where affected also, the routines need to be redone …

So just so I understand cause I’m having the same problem with getting my firestick with alexa enabled wyze skill on tv to recognize camera. Not only do the cam and firestick have to be on the same frequency buy they have to be synced to the same email. [Mod edit] I don’t know why the email address needs to have anything to do with it. I set my firestick up under my wife’s email and the wyze cam app under mine so now I gotta change one of them to match the other. That really kinda sucks. Thanks for the info if I got this right. If I’m wrong please let me know.

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No, no your email doesn’t need to be the same, some have more then one Wyze accounts and Amazon accounts and mix them up …

Did you try login out(disable) and in(enable) of the Wyze skill in the Alexa app?
If it still not working, try logout and in of the Alexa app too …see if that helps you.

Thank you!! I’ve been trying for days to get my camera connected…this worked for me :smiley: