Can’t update from .26 to .131

Trying to update a number of cameras to the latest 9.131 firmware . Most were at .32 and they updated just fine. It looks like I missed a couple and they were still at 8.26. When I try to update them to 9.131 the update fails.

I assume I need to update them somehow to .32 before they will accept the 9.131 firmware. How can I do that or is there some other easy work around ?

Where are you telling them to update? Is it in the account tab - Firmware, or just when you click on the camera that it tells you there is an update?

Sometimes something that helps is to try unplugging the cam for 30 seconds, then plug it back on, and when it comes back up try the update again.

If you’re still having problems there are some other options we can try to walk you through (flashing the firmware), but hopefully you can get them to go through after a reboot and a couple of tries.

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I tried both methods that you mentioned and got nowhere.

I did notice that in the control
Menu of the ap the “ restart “ feature does not work.

I will try unplugging tomorrow and see if that helps

Today at lunch time I powered down one of the cameras that was not letting me update it.

After it came back up it allowed me to do an update.

I’ll try the other one tonight.


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I saw the update notice for firmware I have some of the cameras not powered so I hooked them up. All of my cameras have always worked properly but after the firmware update all the Wyzecam3 cameras have a -90 error. None of my other cameras (multiple brands) have any issues at all including Wyzecam2. Now I wish I hadn’t fudged up my cameras with a firmware update. I suspect these updates are for the others gadgets Wyze sells.

.131 Is for the V3, it worked on mine.

Cycled power on the other problem camera and it accepted the firmware update.

All set now .

Thank you


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This new firmware changed something to make it not work for me. It says not connected but it actually is connected.

[htWyzecam 3 after firmware updatetps://](Screenshot_2022.04.26_18.30.10.684 | Bud | Flickr)